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A Magical Weekend in Prague

A Travel Report by Denise

In early January in the heart of winter,  the Appina Travel team embarked on a weekend of camaraderie and adventure in the stunning city of Prague! We came from around the world to spend the weekend team building, brainstorming, celebrating a successful year and the milestone anniversaries of some colleagues.  

Our destination was The NH Hotel in Prague, a cozy refuge close to excellent restaurants and shopping. The first evening was a celebration of Czech cuisine, a feast fit for kings and queens. With hearty dishes like goulash, roasted duck, and knedlíky (dumplings) we indulged in the flavors of the region, savoring every bite!    

The following day was crisp and cold, but undeterred, we set out to explore Prague. Our first stop was the majestic Prague Castle, a symbol of centuries of history and power.
Prague's charm is not only found in its grand landmarks but also in its winding streets and hidden corners. With our knowledgeable guide leading the way, we embarked on a stroll through the city, pausing to admire colorful façades, quaint cafes, and bustling markets. When we needed to warm up, we popped into a quaint cafe, warming up with mugs of steaming mulled wine.
Eager to embrace the winter spirit, we ventured to an ice skating rink, where we had to laugh as our team of amateur skaters took to the ice.
When evening came we all got dressed and went out for our official Christmas Party evening.  The location was a stunning theater complete with live music and the food was Czech cuisine. 

The following morning was time to say goodbye to some of our colleagues who would be heading back to Munich and Dresden but not before exploring the museum of illusions and having one more tasty treat!
We went on to meet our lovely guide to have a tour around the Jewish Quarter which was very interesting and our knowledgeable guide was engaging and informative. 
We then carried on to change things up and have a yummy Italian lunch with our guide and parted ways for the rest of the day.   The following day was departure day! We had time in the morning however to visit several hotels for site inspections, and visit the communist museum 

All in all it was a magical weekend as usual and I look forward to when we can all be together again!