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Western Europe

Classic Europe: A Cultural and Musical Adventure

Classic Europe: A Cultural and Musical Adventure

Tour Suggestion

Discover some of the most influential historical pillars of the European world while immersing yourself in different cultures, music and architecture.  This powerful journey, which introduces you to the fantastic and unique history of London, Paris, Bruges and Amsterdam, while providing ample opportunity to perform in beautiful historical buildings, will leave you both enthralled and enriched.  London exhilarates with its iconic landmarks, Paris provides inspiration at every turn, Bruges surprises and impresses, and Amsterdam amazes with its stunning canals and architecture.   Cultivate and expand your own knowledge of the world and its music while enjoying this specially-curated itinerary.

Day 1: Arrival in London

The exciting, dynamic city of London welcomes you.  Your tour guide will meet you at the airport, where you will transfer into the city centre. Discover the classic, historical sights of prestigious Westminster on foot while gaining knowledge of the city's fascinating history.  Marvel at the colossal, internationally famous Big Ben, which has sat with authority over the striking Gothic Revival architecture of the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) since 1859.  Observe the understated elegance of the Prime Minister's residence at 10 Downing Street and enjoy the spectacularly stunning Westminster Abbey, famous for hosting England's royal coronations and weddings for centuries.
Lunch with your tour companions.
This afternoon, you will visit the Tower of London, which has a tumultuous history shrouded in mystery and intrigue.   Beheadings, imprisonment, murder, superstition and priceless royal jewels are all part of your tour this afternoon.   Centuries of history and legend await you at the infamous Tower.  
Stroll to the nearby St. Paul's Cathedral to marvel at the beauty of one of London's most recognizable buildings.   Explore the breathtaking interior of this vast Anglican church, which has continued to inspire both religious and non-religious visitors for over three centuries.
Hotel check-in and dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in London.

Day 2: Legendary London

This morning, you will have the opportunity to visit the internationally famous Hyde Park, opened to the people of London since 1637.   Hyde Park, which is London's largest royal park, can be a place of serene reflection, heated protest, or frenzied merriment, depending on the day that you visit.   View the illustrious Speaker's Corner, a centre for free speech and discussion as you make your journey through this vast green space. 
A visit to the fascinating Victoria and Albert Museum (also known as the V&A), featuring many vast but thoughtfully curated collections, will be certain to captivate.  The Theatre & Performance Collection, which provides a truly comprehensive view of performing arts and theatre, is a delight to explore.  Work up an appetite as you gain knowledge and perspective while visiting this illustrious museum.
Lunch with your tour companions.
View the beautiful city from high above as you relax in the comfort and safety of the London Eye.  This colossal attraction may seem daunting at first but provides a serene perspective of the constantly busy city.  A full rotation of the London Eye takes an hour, so you will have plenty of time to take photos and take in London's beautiful skyline.
Depending on your travel dates, perform in one of London's historically important buildings or take part in a workshop and performance with the illustrious London Symphony Orchestra.   The London Symphony Orchestra, which has provided outstanding musical contribution to society since 1904, hosts various workshops and special events through its foundation.
Dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in London.

Day 3: En route to Paris

Embark on your next adventure by boarding the Eurostar to Paris.  Race across the countryside and through the darkness of the Chunnel as you make your way to glorious Paris, your beautiful home for the next few days.   You will arrive at the impressive Gare Du Nord, which is the busiest train station in Europe. 
Lunch with your tour companions.
Your tour guide will meet you at the station, after which you will transfer into the heart of Paris for a private guided coach and walking tour.   Explore the dynamic and vibrant Saint-Germain neighbourhood, an area known for both its history and modern edge.   The gorgeous Saint-Michel area, with its historic charm and architecture, will immediately immerse you in the glory of Paris.  Surrounded by beauty and culture, you will meander through the cobblestone laneways while gaining knowledge of this wonderful city.   View the majestic dome of the great Notre Dame cathedral, just across the river.  A visit to the international symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, will only increase your appreciation of Paris and all it has to offer.
Hotel check in.
Dinner with your tour companions.  Tonight, you might have the opportunity to view Paris from the peaceful waters of the Seine River. Enjoy the twinkling lights of this amazing city by night.
Overnight in Paris.

Day 4: The Splendour of Paris

Your day begins with your own choice of adventure, whether it be a small group tour on a specific location or interest, a guided tour of the Père Lachaise cemetery, or a visit to the magnificent Montmartre neighbourhood.  
The options for small group tours are fantastic in this city.  Subject matter ranges from World War 2 themed walking tours, or a visit to the marvellous Marais with a visit to a chocolatier, or even in-depth look at the Notre Dame or Bastille. 
Another option guided tour of the Père Lachaise Cemetery, both the largest city cemetery and the first garden cemetery of Paris, reveals a mammoth maze of tombs and burial plots.  Notable deceased residents include Frederic Chopin and Oscar Wilde.  Explore the history of this famous and exclusive cemetery, while visiting the final resting place of the many illustrious and ordinary citizens buried here.
Your final option for this morning is a visit to the Montmartre, a beautiful neighbourhood on a hillside setting.  Experience the classic beauty of this famous Parisien neighbourhood, favoured by many internationally famous artists, and consider climbing the steps to the stunning Sacré-Cœur Basilica (Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris) for a truly rewarding view of Paris.
Lunch of your choice with your tour companions.
An afternoon guided tour of the breath-taking Sainte-Chapelle, renowned for its stunning Gothic architecture and dazzling interior, will be certain to impress.  Gaze up at the glorious stained-glass artwork, which appears to soar onwards to the heavens. 
This evening, you will have the opportunity to perform in one of Paris' famous religious houses.  Depending on your date of travel, you will take centre stage, surrounded by the spectacular beauty and rich history.  Experience the joy of musical performance while appreciating the stunning architecture of one of Paris' most illustrious buildings.
Dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in Paris.

Day 5: The Many Charms of Paris

Begin your adventure today by either embarking on a walking tour of your choice or visiting the internationally famous Louvre.   With walking tour options ranging from history to architecture to unique experiences with a contemporary edge, there is something to interest everyone.   Your other option is a visit to the illustrious Louvre, the largest art museum in the world.   View the classic portraits, paintings and sculptures while delving into humanity, past and present. 
Lunch with your tour companions.
This afternoon, climb the Eiffel Tower and view the city from a new perspective.  As you ascend this monumental structure, take a moment to walk across the glass flooring of the first level.    Feel a thrill as you make your way higher for breathtakingly stunning views in every direction.   A view of the huge Champ de Mars from your elevated position will give you a peek of your next destination. 
The Champ de Mars, a huge green park near the Eiffel Tower, has been host to many historic events over the last three centuries, including beheadings by guillotine, festivals, and art exhibitions.  A peaceful walk through this serene environment allows you to reflect on your travels.
Enjoy free time at the illustrious Champs-Élysées, with its numerous luxury and mainstream shops, cafés and theatres. Stroll through this famous area of Paris, while viewing famous sights like the Arc de Triomphe and the Grand Palais at your leisure.
Dinner at the hotel with your tour companions.
Overnight in Paris.

Day 6: Paris to Bruges

You will depart Paris today for a visit to the fascinating and luxurious Palace of Versailles.  Originally built in 1623 as a small hunting lodge, it was redesigned by Louis XIV as a testament to his power and glory in a style truly befitting royalty.   This colossal centre of the French court was lavishly decorated inside, and meticulously landscaped outside.   With vast grounds which included lakes, fountains, a variety of gardens and even a farm, Versailles was certainly a centre of opulence.   Enjoy this incredible historic building, along with its amazing gardens, while you learn about the complex history of both Versailles and the royal families who called it home.
This afternoon, you will journey to the magnificent city of Bruges, a centre of spectacular Medieval architecture.    Lunch en route.
Hotel check in, with dinner at the hotel to follow.
Overnight in Bruges.

Day 7: Brilliant Bruges

The stunning city of Bruges awaits you.   Enjoy a leisurely boat tour down the scenic canals of Bruges, often referred to as "The Venice of the North".  With its historic homes and buildings lining its peaceful waterways, Bruges can invoke a feeling of calm and quiet reflection amongst the hustle and bustle of city life.
A walking tour through Bruges' cobblestone streets and market squares leads you to stunning Gothic architecture.  Experience the beautifully preserved Medieval city first-hand, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Marvel at the intricate Gothic opulence of the Bruges City Hall, gaze upwards towards the heavens at the amazingly prominent Belfry and admire the beautiful Church of Our Lady. 
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions at the lively and architecturally fascinating Bruges Markt.
This afternoon, you will have the opportunity to perform for example at the Sint-Salvatorskathedraal (Saint Saviour's Cathedral), home to beautiful stained glass and art collection, or the Onze-Leive-Vrouw-van-Blindekenskapel (Chapel of our Lady of the Blind), with its dramatically arched wooden ceilings and beautiful religious artefacts.  Revel in this opportunity to share your joy of music, enchanting audience members in this splendid historical building. 
This evening, you may want to attend a unique harp performance by local composer and harpist Luc Vanlaere.   Enjoy the inspirational melody of Luc Vanlaere's compositions while relaxing in one of Europe's finest cities. 
Dinner and overnight in Bruges.

Day 8: The Beauty of Bruges

This morning, view the beautiful masterpieces of the Groeningemuseum.  Featured collections include the Flemish Primitives, the Neo-Classical masterpieces, and the Flemish expressionism paintings.
A visit to Bruges is never complete until you ascend the stairs of the mighty Belfort tower.   This prominent tower, which stands 83 metres tall, was once the protector of Bruges' treasury and governmental documents.    If you choose to complete the climb of 336 stairs, you will be rewarded with wonderful scenic views in every direction.
Lunch with your tour companions.
This afternoon, revel in your musical performance in one of Bruges' most prestigious buildings. The Concertgebouw, an entertaining and specially curated circuit featuring interactive sound stations, contemporary art and a rooftop terrace from which to view beautiful Bruges.   Also an option is the quiet, unassuming exterior of St. Anne's Church, dating back to the 17th century, conceals an extravagantly Baroque interior.  Another option is St. Giles' Church, a fine example of both Gothic and Neo-Gothic styles (having been originally built in the 13th century then redesigned in the 19th century), is the final resting place of many venerated artists who once called Bruges their home. Enjoy this special moment to showcase your repertoire, as musicians have been doing for centuries in this magnificent location.
Enjoy free time in this wonderful city.
Tonight, you can add a fascinating Medieval experience at Bruges' Medieval Dinner and Show.  Dine on delicious cuisine and drink while you are entertained by great feats of Medieval showmanship and revelry.
Overnight in Bruges.

Day 9: Adventures in Antwerp and Amsterdam

Before continuing onwards to Amsterdam, you will first stop in Antwerp, where you will have the opportunity to perform in one of the city's venerated historical settings.  Experience the joy of musical performance while appreciating the stunning architecture of one of Antwerp's most illustrious buildings.
Enjoy lunch of your choice in Antwerp with your tour companions.   Make sure you try a famous Antwerp Hand Biscuit, which is quite literally a small biscuit shaped like a hand.  Learn of the legend behind this popular biscuit as you indulge in a stroll through the city. 
This afternoon, your coach will transfer you to Amsterdam, a city of stunning beauty and rich culture.
Hotel check in.
This evening, dinner will be served early before you make your way to one of the unique concert venues that Amsterdam offers.  Be entertained by an inspiring classical performance, whether hosted at an illustrious historical theatre or a stunningly reinvented Milking Factory.
Overnight in Amsterdam.

Day 10: Amazing Amsterdam

This morning, take part in a walking tour of Amsterdam.   Revel in the city's beauty while strolling canal side with your tour companions.   Your walking tour will end at The English Reformed Church of Amsterdam, surrounded by the ecclesiastical beauty of the church's interior.   Note the stained-glass windows while pay tribute to the members of the congregation who left for America aboard the Mayflower in 1620.
Lunch with your tour companions.
This afternoon, make your own choice of itinerary based on your personal interests.    Visit one of the city's historic or contemporary destinations to further immerse yourself in Amsterdam's diverse culture.
If history is of interest to you, then visit the Anne Frank Museum or the Van Gogh Museum.   The Anne Frank Museum, which was once the actual building in which Anne Frank and her family were secretly concealed, is a stark reminder of the horrible atrocities committed against the Jewish people by the Nazi regime.  Learn about her brave story of both love and life at this powerful exhibit.    At the Van Gogh Museum, you will view priceless works of art by this famous and tortured artist.   Learn fascinating bits of history about Vincent Van Gogh and his tumultuous life. The largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world is housed here at the Museum.   The Rijksmuseum, another fine option for this afternoon, offers a huge collection of Dutch art and artefacts for viewing.   With items ranging from the 12th century up to modern times, this museum offers a fascinating and comprehensive view of the Dutch world.
Other options for this afternoon includes a visit Otto VanWinkle, home of the famous guitar manufacturer, the Museum of Photography, with its vast collection of photography paraphernalia or the EYE film museum.
Dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in Amsterdam.

Day 11: The Delights of Amsterdam

After savouring breakfast with your tour companions, make an excursion to the windmills of Kinderdijk, home to a collection of windmills from the 1700s.  Originally built to pump water away from low-lying land, these ancient windmills were integral to survival so many centuries ago.   The area has since been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
This afternoon, savour some free time in this wonderful city.   Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the sun-dappled canals, visit some of the more touristy parts of the city, or even just relax in a café with a glass of wine or beer. 
Tonight, indulge in a lovely dinner cruise.   View the dazzling sights of Amsterdam by antique riverboat as you dine on delicious, freshly prepared three course dinner.   Enjoy a final revelry with your tour companions as you say farewell.

Day 12: Departure

Begin your journey home or spend another day in the fantastic city of Amsterdam.

Performances: the mentioned locations and timeslots are just examples. They depend on group size & type, travel period and budget. No instrument rental included, locations like churches, public spots, schools or hotels, chair rental not included, audience is not guaranteed and subject to additional fees.

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