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Central Europe

From Berlin to Prague - a Cultural Odyssey of Wonder

From Berlin to Prague - a Cultural Odyssey of Wonder

Tour Suggestion

Enchanting music, uplifting scenery, dynamic nightlife, and historical marvels await you.  Finely-tuned for musicians, this itinerary offers an enriching musical experience for even the most discerning travellers.   Embrace the opportunity to perform in the exalted historical venues of Europe while exploring its sights, sounds and cultures.  Showcasing gorgeous architecture, captivating museums, fascinating history and mesmerizing musical performances, this tour will leave you energized and enlightened.

Day 1: Berlin

Welcome to the vibrant, dynamic city of Berlin, a city famous for its diversity and exciting culture. Your tour guide will meet you at the airport, where you will begin your adventure with a private tour of Berlin.   As you traverse the illustrious Unter den Linden Avenue, marvel at the many historical sights of importance, such as the imposing Brandenburg Gate and the gorgeous and culturally vital Museum Island. 
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions.  Berlin's culturally diverse food scene offers delicious options for every taste and budget.
This afternoon, you may choose to explore the uniquely charming and historic Museum Island, an amazing island literally located in the middle of the Spree River.   View the beautiful architecture of the five museums located here on the island and discover the vast myriad of treasures and artefacts within.   From the archeological wonders of Ancient Egypt and Greece to the art of modern times, these museums offer immense opportunity for learning and enjoyment.
Transfer to your hotel for check-in.
This evening, revel in a welcome dinner with your tour companions.  Dine on delicious regional cuisine while toasting your upcoming adventures.
Overnight in Berlin.

Day 2: Berlin

This morning, take an exclusive glimpse into the entertainment industry at the internationally renowned Hansa Studio.   A guided tour of these impressive recording rooms, in which David Bowie, U2, and Depeche Mode have performed and recorded their respective hits, will be certain to captivate.  Learn about the secrets of the music industry and the work required to produce mainstream recorded music.
After your tour, indulge in the enticing street food of Berlin with your tour companions.  
This afternoon, an array of choices awaits you.   The Topography of Terror, a poignant reminder of Berlin's tumultuous and tragic history, creates an interactive and fascinating atmosphere in which visitors can learn and reflect upon the fear and terror imposed upon the people of Berlin.   Several permanent exhibits, thought-provoking in nature, allow for meaningful cultural information to be imprinted upon visitors in this modern and cutting-edge building.   From the horrors of the Third Reich to the preserved portion of the Berlin Wall, The Topography of Terror will educate and enlighten those who enter.   Checkpoint Charlie, another option for this afternoon's destination, allows visitors to explore and thoroughly view this former guarded entryway.   Discover this famous landmark while reflecting upon the many lives which were damaged or destroyed as a direct result of the separation of East and West Berlin.   For those craving a lighter option for this afternoon, the Game Science Centre offers visitors an exciting and interactive gaming experience.  Created by a small group of game developers, this entertaining centre will be certain to amuse and enthral.
Prepare for your musical performance this afternoon at one of Berlin's distinguished historical buildings. Enjoy this special moment to showcase your repertoire, as musicians have been doing for centuries in this magnificent location.
After your unique performance opportunity, dine with your tour companions in one of Berlin's well-rated establishments while reflecting upon the adventures of the day in this exciting city.
Overnight in Berlin.

Day 3: Poznań

Continue your adventure by travelling onwards to Poznań, the beautiful Polish city famous for the vibrantly-hued Renaissance-era homes lining its main square.   Enjoy lunch en route with your tour companions as you relax in the comfort of your private coach. 
This afternoon, visit the fascinating Imperial Castle, also known as Zamek.   This imposing castle, which is technically classified as a palace, is truly a mighty edifice surrounded by lovely landscaped gardens of lush serenity.   Built in 1910 in the Neo-Romanesque style, the Imperial Castle was created as a testament and illustration of the power of the Kingdom of Prussia over Poland.  
Transfer to the hotel for check-in and dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in Poznań.

Day 4: Łódź

After breakfast, you will journey onwards to Łódź, once a great centre of industry and commerce.  With its charming architecture and bustling arts and culture scene, a night in Łódź makes for a lovely and captivating excursion.  After your arrival, indulge in delicious Polish fare at lunch, perhaps trying kiełbasa (sausage) or barszcz (beetroot soup).
A guided tour of Łódź will introduce you to its old-world charisma as you stroll the bustling streets of this metropolis. Piotrkowska Street, the famous centre of town and major tourist destination, beguiles with its great collection of prominent buildings, monuments and attractive architecture.  Along this venerated thoroughfare lies the imposing and towering Archcathedral Basilica of St. Stanislaus Kostka, the gorgeously vivid Home Gutenberg with its magnificent exterior, and Schmidts' Tenement, home to one of the oldest pharmacies in Łódź.  Continuing on your exploration of the city, the vibrant façade of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral will be certain to enchant, with its octagonal shape and ornately vivid exterior. The mammoth Grand Theatre, which has been built surprisingly recently, is a great centre of culture and arts.   Soak in the sights and sounds of this fascinating city as you learn about its great and colourful history.
Transfer to your hotel for check-in and dinner.
After dinner, delight in an evening of excitement and culture as you can attend a ballet or opera at the Grand Theatre (subject to availability). Revel in a night of great performance and theatrical splendour as you enjoy yourself in this fantastic city.
Overnight in Łódź.

Day 5: Wondrous Warsaw

Continue your journey by transferring to Warsaw via coach.   This gorgeous, grandiose city of great history and cultural importance will surprise and delight even the most stoic of visitors.  Warsaw, with its dynamic and energetic vibe, also exudes the elegance and opulence of yesteryear.  A guided walking tour will help orient you in this great city of wonders.  The Main Market Square, with its vibrantly pastel-hued Gothic houses, is the great centre of the city.   Enjoy the bustling and exciting atmosphere of this lovely square while learning about Warsaw.  The New World Street, one of the great shopping areas of the city, feels refined and upscale with its beautiful architecture.  Notable churches and cathedrals include the glorious Carmelite Church, the charmingly domed St. Kazimierz Church, and of course the handsome Holy Cross Church.   Lush and ornately lavish palaces are located throughout this fantastic city, with the Royal Palace being centrally located.  This brightly-hued palace, once the great home of the powerful Polish monarchs and their administration.  Admire the grandeur of this captivating palace as you stroll through Warsaw.
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions.
An afternoon visit to the Chopin Museum makes for an enthralling excursion.  Delve into the short but amazing life of the great maestro, who left a lasting legacy for centuries after his death.   Chopin aficionados will be struck by the huge array of fascinating facts and exhibits on display depicting the life and times of this incredible composer. 
Indulge in a delicious dinner with your tour companions as you reflect upon the exciting discoveries of the day.
Overnight in Warsaw.

Day 6: Warsaw

A morning visit to the Copernicus Science Centre of Warsaw will leave you refreshed and energized as you explore the interactive and exciting science exhibits.   Featuring a plethora of captivating displays and hands-on experiences, this acclaimed centre will be certain to fascinate and delight. 
After your relaxing lunch, prepare for your musical performance at one of Warsaw's spectacular historical sights.  Revel in this opportunity to share your joy of music, enchanting audience members in this splendid historical building.  
This afternoon, visit the intriguing Warsaw Uprising Museum, dedicated to the great Warsaw Uprising of 1944.   A myriad of interactive exhibits and artefacts bring the dedicated and brave men, women and even children of this great revolution to life.   View their stories with awe and respect as you stroll through the halls of this fantastic museum, learning more about how these intrepid citizens expelled the Nazis from their city.  
Transfer back to hotel, enjoying your final dinner here in Warsaw, a great city of cultural marvels and historical prominence. 
Overnight in Warsaw.

Day 7: Kraków

This morning, set off on your next adventure, enjoying lunch en route to your fantastic destination of Kraków. This lovely and picturesque Polish city welcomes visitors with its outstanding architectural beauty combined with quaint charm.  Explore the dazzling Market Square, the true heart of this superb city. Surrounded by a wealth of architectural gems and lined with the cheerfully colourful umbrellas of café tables, Market Squares offer visitors immense insight into the wonders of this metropolis.  Cloth Hall, which dominates the centre of this colossal square, was once the great exhibition hall of merchants and importers from the 15th century onwards.  St. Mary's Basilica, a 14th century Gothic marvel of refinement, conceals a rich interior of vibrant textiles and treasures.  The majestically imposing Wawel Castle, centrally located in the Old Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also a museum.   Floriańska Street, the most famously historical street in all of Kraków, is a veritable treasure trove of architectural beauty.   A simple stroll along the venerated cobblestones, which form the beginning of the Royal Route, will reveal a splendid display of historical elegance.
Hotel check-in and dinner at a well-rated local restaurant with your tour companions.  Be certain to sample some of the delicious pierogis, one of Poland's most famous dishes.
Overnight in Kraków.

Day 8: Kraków

A thrilling excursion to the Wieliczka Salt Mines makes for a wondrous morning of adventure.  Descend deep into the earth to discover the fantastic treasures and surprises that await you.   Once a bustling salt mine, the underground caverns have been transformed into great works of architecture and art.   Chapels, monuments, carvings and even a serene underground salt-lake are all located here in the mine.   Magnificently lit by the glow of chandeliers, the salt mine creates an aura of warmth and beauty. 
After exploring this amazing destination, prepare for your incredibly unique performance here at the salt mines.   The dazzling acoustics in this golden, luminous atmosphere create a once in a lifetime concert opportunity that will delight and beguile your audience.   Lift up visitors and staff alike with the power of music as you display your repertoire in this gorgeous venue.
After lunch, explore Kraków at your own pace, indulging in an afternoon of leisurely sightseeing.
Participate in an exciting cooking class at a restaurant.  Specializing in local, seasonal ingredients, this restaurant is renowned for its elegant cuisine served in a charming setting.   Get ready to showcase your culinary skills, then indulge in a wonderful dinner at the restaurant.
Transfer back to the hotel, overnight in Kraków

Day 9: Wrocław

After indulging in a delicious breakfast, you will continue onwards to Wrocław, a charming riverside city, steeped in amazing history and bursting with youthful energy.   Indulge in lunch en route with your tour companions so that you may fully enjoy your overnight excursion to this lovely metropolis.
A guided walking tour will help orientate you, starting with the main Market Square.   Flanked by vibrantly coloured town homes, an ornately gorgeous Gothic-style Old Town Hall, and the soaring tower of St. Elizabeth's Church, the Market Square simply bustles with activity and energy in the midst of great architectural history.   View the dramatic, contemporary fountain in the centre of this magnificent square.   Journeys onwards to the most ancient part of the city, Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island) which was formerly used as a sanctuary by those who were sought after by local law enforcement.  The stunning Wrocław Cathedral, dating back to the 12th century, dominates the skyline with its lofty towers.   Enjoy the sights and sounds of this intriguing city as you learn more about its history and culture.
Hotel check-in, followed by dinner at the hotel with your tour companions.
This evening, revel in a concert at the impressive Centennial Hall (subject to availability), a great historical landmark of Wrocław.  With its massive dome and industrial concrete design, it provides a fantastic venue in which to view performances of all varieties.   Enjoy your concert at this famous building, perhaps stopping for a viewing of the nearby Wrocław Fountain, where water and light seem to dance to music in this huge aquatic oasis.
Transfer back to the hotel, overnight in Wrocław.

Day 10: Prague

Board your coach after breakfast for transfer to gorgeous Prague.  Aptly nicknamed "The City of 100 Spires", Prague is a masterpiece of architectural splendour and historical wealth.   A stop at the Museum Petrof, a veritable treasure trove of exquisite pianos, offers music aficionados a chance to view these great instruments up close and in detail.   Learn about the history of the Petrof family while marvelling at the inner workings of these beautiful pianos. 
After arriving in Prague, delve into the history of this lovely city with a visit to the Jewish Quarter.  This great centre of cultural and religious importance will captivate as you learn more about its tumultuous and sometimes violent history.  A guided tour allows for meaningful learning and enrichment.
Hotel check-in, then transfer to a restaurant for a fantastic evening out with a Medieval twist.  Enjoy thrilling entertainment of juggling, belly dancing, and sword fighting while you indulge in the sumptuous traditional Czech cuisine.  Prepare yourself for a night of convivial fun and laughter with your tour companions as you revel in this unique experience.
Transfer back to the hotel, overnight in Prague.

Day 11: Prague

This morning, enjoy a visit the Prague Castle, a colossal structure of great historical significance, dating back to the 9th century.  With its many soaring towers, ornate churches, exquisite gardens and historical grandeur, the Prague Castle makes for an enriching morning of enlightenment.
Before your last performance on tour, indulge in delicious Czech fare with your tour companions.
A visit to one of Prague's stunning historical buildings makes for a splendid afternoon.  Take the opportunity to explore this venerated landmark, then prepare for your own special performance here, surrounded by centuries of history and profoundly beautiful architecture.
This afternoon, explore this dazzling city at leisure, enjoying the delights of the Old Town at your own pace.  Stroll through the ancient streets of this charming yet cosmopolitan city, rich in history and vibrant culture. 
Farewell dinner with your tour companions.   Enjoy the comradery and merriment of your last night on tour while dining on delicious local cuisine in beautiful Prague.

Day 12: Farewell

Begin your journey home or continue your adventure. 

Performances: the mentioned locations and timeslots are just examples. They depend on group size & type, travel period and budget. No instrument rental included, locations like churches, public spots, schools or hotels, chair rental not included, audience is not guaranteed and subject to additional fees.

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  • 1 × guided tour of Hansa Studio (subject to availability)
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  • 1 × guided city tour of Łódź
  • 1 × guided city tour of Warsaw
  • 1 × entrance fee Chopin Museum
  • 1 × entrance fee Copernicus Science Centre
  • 1 × entrance fee Warsaw Uprising Museum
  • 1 × guided city tour of Krakow
  • 1 × entrance fee to Wawel Cathedral, Royal Tombs, Sigismond’s Bell and St. Mary’s Church
  • 1 × guided visit of Wieliczka Salt Mines
  • 1 × cooking class
  • 1 × guided city tour of Wroclaw
  • 1 × guided city tour of Prague with Jewish quarter
  • 1 × guided visit and entrance to Prague Castle

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