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Central Europe

From Dresden to Krakow, a Cultural Extravaganza of Excitement

From Dresden to Krakow, a Cultural Extravaganza of Excitement

Tour Suggestion

Be transported into a world of splendid refinement combined with exhilarating adventure.  Specifically-curated for musical groups and performers, this splendid tour offers the opportunity to merge meaningful travel with exciting musical concerts.  Feel the thrill of performance as you take centre stage at the illustrious venues of Europe, delighting your audience and uplifting your own soul.   Enrich your life with educational excursions, delightful cultural encounters, and wonderful merriment as you travel across the centres of European enlightenment.   Be enraptured with this vibrant cultural experience as you enhance your own awareness of music and the world.

Day 1: Welcome to Dresden

Welcome to the stunning city of Dresden, resplendent in beauty and history.  After arriving in Dresden, begin your adventure with a city tour of Dresden, once known as the “Jewel Box” of Germany, due to its architecturally stunning city centre.   A combination walking and coach tour will give you the opportunity to admire the inspiring sights of this gorgeous metropolis.
Begin your orientation of this glorious city with the amazing Dresden Alstadt (Old Town), which makes for a delightfully charming excursion.  You will begin your tour with a stop at the stunning Frauenkirche (church of our lady), which is actually a reconstruction of the original Frauenkirche, sadly lost to the bombs of World War 2. Be amazed at the colossal dome, one of the largest domes in Europe, and learn about the fascinating history of this historical building.   The dramatic interior of the Frauenkirche is inspiring and is certain to impress.   A visit to the Furstenzug, the world's largest porcelain mural, is also a highlight.  Admire the intricacy of this unique masterpiece, which depicts centuries of royal leaders.
Continue onwards to the lavish Dresden Zwinger, where three centuries of architecture and history converge.  Inspired by the glorious Palace of Versailles, August the Strong yearned for his own palace which exemplified his power and glory.   The amazing Dresden Zwinger was built in the early 1700s, with truly splendid Baroque architecture, vast ornate gardens and sculptures, and dramatic fountains.    Celebrate the amazing history of this veritable paradise as you stroll through the gardens and buildings of this magnificent architectural wonder.
Hotel check-in.
Delicious cuisine and merriment await you at tonight's welcome dinner.   Toast your future adventures and discoveries with your tour companions as you sample some of Dresden's delicious traditional fare.
Overnight in Dresden.

Day 2: Delightful Dresden

Wake up to beautiful Dresden and prepare for an enriching day of learning and enjoyment.  Today's masterclass will not only educate and instruct, but will also offer a dynamic environment in which to hone your art.  Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance your own understanding of what music means to you (subject to availability).
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions in one of the many lovely cafés of Dresden.
This afternoon, explore one of Dresden's unique museums, specializing in a variety of captivating subjects.  Several options, including the Dresden Panometer and The Carl Maria Von Weber Museum would provide fascinating experiences and are highly recommended.
Dine with your tour companions in one of Dresden's celebrated local restaurants.
This evening, delight in a special musical outing, featuring a concert or operette in one of Dresden's illustrious venues.
Overnight in Dresden.

Day 3: En route to Prestigious Prague

After enjoying a delicious breakfast, you will begin your journey onwards to glorious Prague.  On the way, stop to pay your respects at Theresienstadt (Terezín) Concentration Camp, where thousands of prisoners died of malnutrition, disease and horrific abuse at the hands of the Nazis.   As well as serving as a crude living facility for thousands of inmates, the camp was also utilized as temporary accommodation for prisoners who were to be shipped off to death camps, specifically Treblinka and Auschwitz.  Severe overcrowding, atrocious living conditions, and terrible maltreatment of inmates created a living nightmare for those who survived.   In spite of these horrors, inmates worked together to provide education for children, musical concerts for residents, and even organized communal projects which bettered living conditions for all.
After paying homage at Theresienstadt, you will continue travelling to Prague by coach.   Aptly nicknamed "The City of 100 Spires", Prague is a masterpiece of architectural splendour and historical wealth.
Soon after arrival, revel in a visit the Prague Castle, a colossal structure of great historical significance, dating back to the 9th century.  With its many soaring towers, ornate churches, exquisite gardens and historical grandeur, the Prague Castle makes for an enriching afternoon of enlightenment.
This evening, dine on delicious regional cuisine at one of the many wonderful local restaurants.  Reflect on the days travels and discoveries while enjoying the convivial company of your tour companions.
Overnight in Prague.

Day 4: The Delights of Prague

This morning, take part in a fascinating walking tour of Prague.   Stroll through the ancient streets of this charming yet cosmopolitan city, rich in history and vibrant culture.  Traverse the ancient yet elegant Charles Bridge, an architectural marvel of the 1300s with its many handsome arches.  View the gorgeous arches and spires of the splendidly Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral, the final resting place of many imminent citizens.  The historical and colourful Astronomical Clock, steeped in legend and history.   The clock, which features an hourly performance, is over 600 years old and is deeply rooted in the culture of the city.
Revel in the brilliance of this spellbinding metropolis while enjoying lunch with your tour companions.
After lunch, delve into the history of Prague with a visit to the Jewish Quarter.  This great centre of cultural and religious importance will captivate as you learn more about its tumultuous and sometimes violent history.  A guided tour allows for meaningful learning and enrichment.
A visit to one of Prague's stunning historical buildings makes for a splendid afternoon.  Take the opportunity for your own special performance, surrounded by centuries of history and profoundly beautiful architecture.
After your unique musical performance opportunity, enjoy a delicious dinner at a local restaurant.  Indulge in exciting regional cuisine while you reflect upon the day's adventures.
Overnight in Prague.

Day 5: Prague

Wake up well-rested and ready to continue your journey of cultural adventure.  This morning, make your choice between a captivating outing to the Franz Kafka Museum or a peaceful river cruise.   The Franz Kafka Museum explores Prague through the eyes of Kafka, creating an interactive and thought-provoking exhibition.  Another option for this morning is to revel in a peaceful cruise down the rivers which cut through Prague.  View the marvels of architecture and cultural history in a relaxing setting, while learning about the secrets of the city from this unique river perspective.   Enjoy a myriad of on-board refreshments as you tour the city in style and comfort.
Discover the delights of local cuisine at lunch with your tour companions. 
This afternoon, participate in a dynamic and educational walking tour featuring a mobile phone photography workshop.   Learn how to best capture the wonderful memories of your journey while adapting to various photographic conditions.   Take the opportunity to photographic the iconic buildings of Prague while improving your technique.
Compare your photos at dinner while enjoying the comradery of your tour companions.   Dine on sumptuous traditional fare like potato soup, pork roast, dumplings and strudel while revelling in the beauty of this dazzling metropolis.
After dinner, prepare to be amazed at the famous Black Theatre.  Celebrated for its cutting-edge, interactive productions featuring vibrantly artistic lighting, dance and theatrical display, Black Theatre will be certain to awaken your imagination.
Overnight in Prague.

Day 6: Vivacious Vienna

After enjoying a delicious breakfast, you will continue your quest of adventure and excitement.  Set out for amazingly charming Vienna, brimming with stunning architecture, outstanding musical history, elegant culture, and political importance.  On the way to this delightful city, stop at the Třebíč Castle, dating back to the 1101.   One a Benedictine abbey, it was transformed into a splendid palatial residence by a wealthy and prominent family in the 16th century.   Today, this charming castle serves as a museum, providing a profound cultural experience through its captivating exhibits.  Stroll through the halls of this vast castle while learning about the colourful history of its inhabitants.
Enjoy lunch en route with your tour companions before arriving in the splendid city of Vienna.
Hotel check-in, then a delicious dinner featuring regional cuisine with your tour companions. 
Overnight in Vienna.

Day 7: The Vibrancy of Vienna

Wake up to the wonders of Vienna, enjoying a morning sightseeing tour of this gorgeous and historical city.  A combination coach and walking tour will enable to you see the most iconic sights of Vienna, while learning about its colourful and sometimes turbulent history.  Marvel at the great towers of St. Stephen's Cathedral, with its dramatic Romanesque and Gothic spires.  The colossal south tower stands authoritatively amongst the skyline of Vienna and is 136 metres tall.   The intricately patterned roof of this amazing cathedral continues to enthral visitors as it has done for centuries.  A journey along Vienna's famed "Ring Road" will delight sightseers with its numerous illustrious buildings of importance and grandeur.  A great cultural centre, the Ring Road absolutely brims with venerated museums and buildings.  Admire the aesthetically pleasing collection of Classical, Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic architectures, often combined together to create the Eclectic Style. The Vienna State Opera, Parliament, and the Town Hall are all located along this exquisite centre of beauty.
This afternoon, you will have the opportunity to perform in one of Vienna's most illustrious buildings.  Take centre stage, surrounded by the spectacular beauty and rich history.  Experience the joy of musical performance while appreciating the stunning architecture of this amazing landmark.
Tonight, dine early with your tour companions in preparation for your evening out.  Be certain to try the Wienerschnitzel while you are here in Vienna, it is one of the national dishes of Austria and popular with visitors and locals alike.
A dazzling night at the opera, hosted at the world-famous Wiener Staatsoper, will captivate your imagination and stir your soul.   Surrounded by the glittering beauty of this historical building, immerse yourself in the world of theatre and excitement.
Overnight in Vienna.

Day 8: The Splendour of Vienna

After enjoying a delicious breakfast, you will have the opportunity to explore one of the lavish Hapsburg palaces of Vienna.  Choose between the Belvedere, the splendidly lavish summer residence of the great military leader, Prince Eugene of Savoy, or the Schoenbrunn, the majestically colossal imperial summer residence for generations of Hapsburgs.
The Belvedere, which is comprised of two Baroque palaces, cuts a splendid figure against the lush gardens surrounding the gorgeous building.  Currently housing the Belvedere Museum, this destination is a mecca for Austrian Art, and holds a vast collection of historical masterpieces and treasures.  Stroll through the vast halls while admiring the great artistry and gaining insight into the culture of Austria. Outside, the gardens were created in the style of Versailles, offering the visitor a veritable paradise of greenery and floral beauty.  
The Schoenbrunn Palace, one of the most venerated buildings of Vienna, dazzles visitors with its imperial wealth and lavish décor.  Originally a recreational parkland, the palace was first constructed in the 17th century as a retreat.   Schoenbrunn, which means "beautiful spring" was continually expanded and improved to the colossal palace we see today.  With over 1400 rooms, vast gardens, and richly splendid history, the Schoenbrunn Palace is a delightful destination for visitors who crave insight into culture and history.
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions in this gorgeous city.
With so many choices of activity this afternoon, you will certainly be entertained and continually entranced.   Try your luck at making apple strudel at the majestic Schoenbrunn Palace, visit one of Vienna's coffee houses for a traditional and delightful experience, or dust off your shoes and learn the famous Viennese waltz.  Whatever you choose, revel in an afternoon of excitement and cultural history as you continue to immerse yourself in Viennese life.
This evening, explore the Prater, one of Vienna's largest public parks and recreational areas.   Complete with flora, fauna, and lush natural beauty, this colossal park is also home to a narrow-gauge railway, a planetarium, a museum, cafés, and the oldest amusement park in the world.  
Dine with your tour companions at the Prater while enjoying a myriad of exciting activities and fun.  Make the most of your last day in this fantastic city by truly revelling in the moment.

Day 9: Breathtaking Bratislava

On the way to beautifully stunning Bratislava, you will have the opportunity to visit Carnuntum, the astoundingly ancient city built by the Romans.   Discover this fantastic cultural treasure, which offers great insight into the lives of citizens through character actors, restored villas, a gladiator school, and an open-air museum.  Carnuntum truly provides visitors with a unique and interactive view of this ancient civilization.
This afternoon, a walking tour of Bratislava will delight with its remarkable architecture and historical sights.  The Danube and Morava Rivers create an idyllic, charming scene, which is only enhanced by the Little Carpathian Mountains, which add striking intrigue to the city's landscape.   The Main Square, often considered to be the centre of this marvellous city, is lined with a veritable treasure trove of historically important buildings.  The Old Town Hall, multiple embassies, and the richly ornate Palugyay Palace all create a powerful presence. View the gorgeous Baroque palaces in the Old Town including the brilliantly white, Baroque-style Grassalkovich Palace, built in the 18th century and currently home to the Slovak president, and the Archiepiscopal Palace, now the main office of the Slovak government. St. Martin's Cathedral, with its stoic façade, served as the Kingdom of Hungary's coronation church for centuries.  The Bratislava Castle, rising imposingly from a rocky outcrop, dazzles with its white façade and red roof.
After your tour, an exciting performance opportunity awaits in the Main Square.  Captivate the crowds of the city's busy centre, providing all with a wonderful musical interlude.   Join with your tour companions to truly give back to the welcoming people of Bratislava.
Hotel check-in, dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in Bratislava.

Day 10: Beautiful Bratislava to Brilliant Brno

Embrace the thrill of the chase with an exciting game of laser tag at Space World Bratislava.  This electrifying experience, surrounded by a world of darkness and neon, will energize and amuse.  Strategize your way to victory as you engage in a great game of fun with your tour companions.
An opportunity for rehearsal might arise, dependant on your activities for the day.   Admire the wonderful atmosphere of the premier music University of Slovakia.  The Academy of Performing Arts, which has a huge list of notable alumni, creates the perfect environment in which to practice your art.
Enjoy lunch en route to Brno, a wonderful city of contrasting architecture and vibrant culture.
After your arrival, you may choose to participate in a leisurely and relaxing walking/bicycle tour of this charming metropolis.  Špilberk Castle, the mighty fortress perched atop a hill in the centre of town, dates back to the 13th century.  Once considered one of the worst prisons, with horribly stringent punishments, this castle was also used as a prison by the Nazis during World War 2.  Many Czechs who opposed the Third Reich were interrogated and killed within the walls of the castle.   The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul dominates the skyline with its gothic inspired towers, while the Abbey of St Thomas served as the surprising seat of Gregor Mendel's famous studies on genetics.  Also a centre of sleek and modern buildings, Brno offers aficionados of contemporary architecture a treat.  Villa Tugendhat, designated a World Heritage Site, exudes the functional and practical form of the modern movement with its polished façade.
Another fine choice for your afternoon is a visit to the Leoš Janáček Memorial, dedicated to the amazing life and accomplishments of the great Czech composer.  The museum, housed in the former home of Leoš Janáček, offers visitors a glimpse into the maestro's family life. Utilizing themes and characteristics from Moravian and Slovic folk songs, he created a unique and new form of contemporary music.  Jenůfa, his breakthrough opera, is often hailed as the "Moravian national opera".  Stroll through the halls of this captivating museum while learning about the life of this great composer.
Tonight, dine at the hotel on the delicious regional fare.  Dumplings, pork roast and potatoes, along with the fine Czech beer, are well-known as restaurant staples.
Overnight in Brno.

Day 11: Blissful Brno to Gorgeously Splendid Kraków

This morning, set off on your next adventure, enjoying lunch en route to your fantastic destination of Kraków. This beautiful and picturesque Polish city, welcomes visitors with its outstanding architectural beauty combined with quaint charm.  Explore the wonderfully elegant Market Square, the true heart of this vibrant city. Surrounded by a wealth of architectural gems and lined with the cheerfully colourful umbrellas of café tables, Market Squares offer visitors immense insight into the wonders of this metropolis.  Cloth Hall, which dominates the centre of this colossal square, was once the great exhibition hall of merchants and importers from the 15th century onwards.  St. Mary's Basilica, a 14th century Gothic marvel of refinement and elegance, conceals a rich interior of vibrant textiles and treasures.  The majestically imposing Wawel Castle, centrally located in the Old Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also a museum.   Floriańska Street, the most famously historical street in all of Kraków, is a veritable treasure trove of architectural beauty.   A simple stroll along the venerated cobblestones, which form the beginning of the Royal Route, will reveal a splendid display of historical elegance.
Hotel check-in and dinner with your tour companions.  Be certain to sample some of the delicious pierogis, one of Poland's most famous dishes.
Overnight in Kraków.

Day 12: Cultural Importance of Kraków

After enjoying a delicious Polish breakfast, set off on a morning excursion of your choice.  A visit to the Lost Soul's Alley, Kraków's first fear museum, will send chills through your spine.  Navigate the dark and twisted corridors of this interactive museum if you dare.   For those who long for a hands-on experience, take the opportunity to participate in a stained-glass workshop.   A master glassman will guide you through the process.  A stained-glass museum, dedicated to the display of this vibrant artwork, will be certain to captivate.   History aficionados will appreciate a visit to the Kraków Ghetto, a thought-provoking experience which often stirs strong emotions in its visitors.  Established in 1941 by the Nazi Regime, Jewish families were forced to take up residence in this cramped and overcrowded area of town.  Faced with disease and despair, these prisoners fought to preserve their culture and uplift their fellow man through music and good works.  Learn about the lives of the men, women and children who were compelled under the threat of violence to live within the walls of the ghetto.
Enjoy lunch in a local café with your tour companions.
This afternoon, visit the Schindler Factory, the site where Oskar Schindler saved the lives of over one thousand Jewish prisoners during World War 2.  Under the guise of needing a workforce for his enamel factory, Schindler protected Jewish prisoners from certain death and abuse at the hands of the Nazi regime.  Discover the powerful story of this entrepreneur, originally driven by power wealth, then compelled by empathy and dedication.   The many enamel pots serve as a poignant reminder of the many lives saved by Schindler.
Prepare for your musical performance this afternoon at one of Kraków's beautiful historical churches. Enjoy this special moment to showcase your repertoire, as musicians have been doing for centuries in this magnificent location.
Farewell dinner with your tour companions.   Enjoy the comradery and merriment of your last night on tour while dining on delicious local cuisine in beautiful Kraków.

Day 13:  Farewell

Begin your journey home or continue your adventure. 

Performances: the mentioned locations and timeslots are just examples. They depend on group size & type, travel period and budget. No instrument rental included, locations like churches, public spots, schools or hotels, chair rental not included, audience is not guaranteed and subject to additional fees.

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