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Central Europe

In the footsteps of Europe's Classical Composers

In the footsteps of Europe's Classical Composers

Tour Suggestion

Dazzling beauty, inspirational excursions and the magic of music welcome you.  This extraordinary tour, which has been specially-curated for musical groups, seamlessly merges travel and music into one captivating experience.   Delight in the unique opportunity to perform in the great historical sites of Germany and Austria, surrounded by the glittering beauty of yesteryear.  Exciting cultural discoveries, along with an enthralling historical exploration of Europe's great composers, create a uniquely balanced and refined journey which will delight and impress.   This fascinating tour allows you to pay homage to the great maestros while broadening your own understanding of musical culture and history. 

Day 1: Arrival in Munich

Welcome to the elegant, exciting city of Munich.  Your tour guide will meet you at the airport, where you will board your private coach to transfer into the city. 
A combination walking and coach tour will give you the opportunity to admire the fine architecture and sights of Munich.  View the stately buildings surrounding the Marienplatz (Mary's Square), including the dramatic Gothic architecture of The Old City Hall.   The impressive façade of the New Town Hall with its cheerfully animated and melodic glockenspiel, will be certain to entrance visitors.    Journey onwards to the Odeonsplatz, with its grand square and buildings, built in the 19th century.    Enjoy spectacular views of the fantastic Nymphenburg Palace, a truly gorgeous building, as you tour the city by coach.  The Englischer Garten (English Garden), with its extensive grounds complete with bridges, waterfalls, flora and fauna, is a wonderful stop on your tour of Munich.   
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions in this lively city.
This afternoon, a visit to the Deutsches Museum (German Museum) will be certain to fascinate those who appreciate the many wonders of science and technology.  This beautifully imposing museum is not only the largest in Munich, but it also houses a vast myriad of subject matter, catering to a wide variety of interests.  Of particular interest to this group would be the Musical Instrument exhibit, featuring a plethora of instruments ranging from the Bronze Age to today.   This interactive exhibit, which allows you to try out quite a few instruments, is a music lovers dream come true.  Admire the over 700 instruments on display as you explore the history of music and technology.
After hotel check-in, enjoy a welcome dinner with your tour companions.  Dine on delicious regional cuisine while toasting your upcoming adventures.
Overnight in Munich.

Day 2: Munich

This morning, visit the splendidly lavish Nymphenburg Palace, one of the most architecturally stunning sites in Munich.   Originally built as a summer residence in the late 1600s for the Bavarian ruling dynasty, the Wittelsbach family, the palace is designed in the Baroque style and is situated amongst vast gardens, complete with a man-made lake. Revel in the splendour of this architectural wonder while you enjoy the lush radiance of the gardens.
Prepare for your musical performance this morning at one of Munich's beautiful historical buildings. Enjoy this special moment to showcase your repertoire, as musicians have been doing for centuries in this magnificent location.
At lunch, indulge in a delectable meal with your tour companions. Munich is celebrated for its eclectic array of international cuisine, along with traditional fare. 
This afternoon, take part in an exclusive opportunity to visit the Nationaltheater (National Theater).  Your exciting backstage tour will allow you to explore the off-limits area of the theatre, learn about the colourful history, and meet the actual employees who help create the fantastical productions.  Discover the world of opera like you've never seen it before. 
Revel in an afternoon of relaxing free time in Munich's remarkable Old Town.  This pedestrian-friendly town allows visitors to truly soak in the beauty of the historical architecture and sites at leisure.   Sample the enticing regional cuisine, perhaps enjoying a hearty Bavarian pretzel or a sumptuous Bavarian crème if you feel like a true indulgence.
Dine with your tour companions at a popular local restaurant, participating in lively discussion about your enthralling adventures and discoveries.  
Transfer to hotel, overnight in Munich.

Day 3: Serenity in Salzburg

After enjoying an appetising Bavarian breakfast, bid adieu to Munich and continue onwards to Salzburg, an inspirationally scenic and musically distinguished city of elegance.   Brimming with Baroque architecture and located in an area of panoramic beauty, Salzburg offers visitors a wealth of cultural enlightenment opportunities.  Historically significant as the birthplace of the magnificent maestro himself, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this city has also been made internationally famous in film by The Sound of Music, featuring Julie Andrews.
Set out on a walking tour of this remarkable metropolis, admiring the beautiful towers and domes of the Salzburg Cathedral, built in the Baroque style and home to many priceless religious artefacts within.  A series of arches, which create a link with the neighbouring Salzberg Residence and St. Peter's Abbey, unify these illustrious religious houses and create the venerated Cathedral Square.   A visit to the Residenzplatz, framed by the glorious architecture of the Old Residence and the New Residence, bursts with brilliant atmosphere and history.  Take a moment to admire the peaceful yet dramatic fountain at its centre, the Residenzbrunnen before continuing onwards to the Mirabell Palace. Perhaps you will recognize the elegant, 17th century Mirabell Palace and its wonderful gardens, showcased in several scenes in The Sound of Music, with its vibrant rainbow of floral hues and meticulous design.
Lunch will certainly be splendid with the delicious cuisine and charming atmosphere found in this lovely city.
This afternoon, rejoice in a visit to Mozart's Geburtshaus, the birthplace of the exalted composer.  For nearly three decades, the Mozart family lived on the 3rd floor of this building, the site where Mozart developed his legendary musical talent at a very young age.   View the family's living quarters and get a glimpse of their 18th century lives and struggles.  Gain insight into the childhood of young Mozart and the events which helped shape him into one of the greatest composers of all time.  This amazingly informative excursion will be certain to captivate musical aficionados.
After hotel check-in, treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner with your tour companions in this incredible metropolis.
Overnight in Salzburg.

Day 4: Sensational Salzburg

After breakfast, visit the Hallein Salt Mine for a surprisingly unique underground adventure.   This ingeniously interactive journey transports you deep underground, whisking you away on a truly thrilling journey of discovery.   Explore this magical world of sensational theatrics, hair-raising wooden slides, and even a vibrantly enchanting underground salt lake, replete with boat ride.  Enjoy the exciting antics of this wonderful cultural destination while learning about its historical importance.
After your fantastic adventure to the Hallein Salt Mine, enjoy a delicious lunch with your tour companions back in Salzburg.  
This afternoon, discover the beauty of the Old Town at your own pace.   Steeped in gorgeous architecture and marvellous history, the Old Town has continually captivated visitors for centuries.
Revel in an evening of merriment and revelry at one of Salzburg's sensational local restaurants.  Treat yourself to fine regional cuisine while you reflect upon the day's adventures.
Overnight in Salzburg.

Day 5: Lovely Linz

This morning, you will transfer to the glorious Linz, a city replete in architectural beauty and charming market squares.  The beautiful indigo-coloured Danube River, along with the vibrant hues of the gorgeous Baroque-style buildings create an idyllic atmosphere in which to enjoy yourself.
This morning, you will have the astonishingly unique opportunity to perform at the venerated New Cathedral of Linz (subject to availability).  Resplendent in Gothic Revival refinement, this cathedral is the largest in Austria, with seating capacity for an astounding 20,000 people.  Take centre stage, surrounded by the spectacularly vibrant stained-glass windows and soaring arches of the magnificent interior.  Experience the joy of musical performance while appreciating the stunning architecture of one of Austria's most illustrious buildings.
After your performance, indulge in a well-earned lunch with your tour companions.
This afternoon, a guided walking tour will introduce you to the wonderfully historical sights of Linz.  The main square of Linz's Old Town, square Hauptplatz, offers visitors an incredible display of architecture and culture.  The charming Old Town Hall, along with the gorgeously ornate Old Cathedral, add to the beauty of this amazing square.   The Trinity Column, situated in the middle of the square, serves as a stunning yet poignant memorial to the lives lost during the war, fire and plague of the 18th century. 
After hotel check-in, enjoy the merry companionship of your group while you dine on enticing regional cuisine.
Overnight in Linz.

Day 6: En route to Venerable Vienna

This morning you will travel to the spectacular city of Vienna, enjoying a visit to the stunning Melk Abbey en route.   The Melk Abbey, perched high on the edge of a mighty rock formation above the town of Melk, is a vividly coloured display of architectural beauty and elegance.  The dazzling religious treasures within its walls, along with the gorgeous building itself, create a lovely morning excursion that will be certain to impress its visitors.
Lunch will be enjoyed on the way to Vienna.
After arriving in Vienna, a city of divine wonders and culture, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of exploration and discovery.  The Schoenbrunn Palace, one of the most venerated buildings of Vienna, dazzles visitors with its imperial wealth and lavish décor.  Originally a recreational parkland, the palace was first constructed in the 17th century as a retreat.   Schoenbrunn, which means "beautiful spring" was continually expanded and improved to the colossal palace we see today.  With over 1400 rooms, vast gardens, and richly splendid history, the Schoenbrunn Palace is a delightful destination for visitors who crave insight into culture and history.
Check in to your hotel and enjoy a fine meal with your tour companions later in the evening. 
Overnight in Vienna.

Day 7: The Virtuosos of Vienna

Wake up to the wonders of Vienna, enjoying a morning sightseeing tour of this gorgeous and historical city.  A guided tour will enable to you see the most iconic sights of Vienna, while learning about its colourful and sometimes turbulent history.  Marvel at the great towers of St. Stephen's Cathedral, with its dramatic Romanesque and Gothic spires.  The colossal south tower stands authoritatively amongst the skyline of Vienna and is 136 metres tall.   The intricately patterned roof of this amazing cathedral continues to enthral visitors as it has done for centuries.  A journey along Vienna's famed "Ring Road" will delight sightseers with its numerous illustrious buildings of importance and grandeur.  A great cultural centre, the Ring Road absolutely brims with venerated museums and buildings.  Admire the aesthetically pleasing collection of Classical, Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic architectures, often combined together to create the Eclectic Style. The Vienna State Opera, Parliament, and the Town Hall are all located along this exquisite centre of beauty.
This afternoon, rejoice in the unique opportunity to perform at the wondrous St. Stephen's Cathedral (subject to availability).  Surrounded by history and beauty, your music will uplift and bring joy to both your audience and yourself. 
A coach and walking tour of two of Vienna's esteemed cemeteries will allow you to pay your respects to the great historical citizens who once lived here.  The Central Cemetary, with its over 3 million people interred here, creates a serene and ethereal environment suitable for quiet reflection.  Ludwig Von Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johann Brahms and many other great citizens have been laid to rest here.   Continue onwards to the nearby St. Marx Cemetary, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Anton Diabelli, Josef Strauss and many others were buried.  Explore the cemeteries with care and respect as you contemplate the lives of these esteemed men.
Tonight, enjoy dinner with your group in this exciting and vibrant city of wonder.
Overnight in Vienna.

Day 8: The Splendid Musical History of Vienna

After enjoying a delicious breakfast, transfer to the glorious Augarten Palais for a wonderful morning excursion.  Explore the venerated halls of this mammoth building, home to the illustrious Vienna Boys' Choir and the Augarten Porcelain Factory, amongst others.  The Garden Hall was once the great venue for the historically critical "Morning Concerts", which were originally conducted and even performed by the great maestro, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Schubert also were featured composers in this fantastic concert series.   The amazingly beautiful gardens, resplendent in floral design, along with the brilliant collection of trees, create a wondrous atmosphere in which to explore.
This afternoon, travel to Heiligenstadt for a captivating visit to the Beethoven Museum.   Here, the great composer sought a haven in which to cure his progressive deafness, which continually tormented him.   Renowned for their healing mineral content, Beethoven hoped that the baths would lessen his hearing loss.   This fascinating exhibit, dedicated to the life and works of the great maestro, will be certain to enthral music enthusiasts. 
Return to your hotel in the late afternoon.
At dinner, revel in the sumptuous regional cuisine, discussing the day's adventures and discoveries with your tour companions.
Overnight in Vienna.

Day 9: The Melodic Magnificence of Eisenstadt and Vienna

Set off on a half-day excursion to Eisenstadt, featuring the magnificently beautiful Esterhazy Palace.  This stately manor, which was home to the illustrious families of yesteryear, boasts a wonderful array of rooms to explore, along with a colossal garden filled with lush foliage.  View the spectacular hall Haydnsaal, named after the famous composer Josef Haydn, which was specifically designed as a venue for his enchanting music.  Maria Josefa Hermenegilda, one of the great ladies of the Esterhazy family, loyally supported the talented musician.  In turn, Haydn composed many operas, chamber music, and masses for this powerful and influential Austrian dynasty.  Imagine the dazzling and wondrous musical spectacles hosted here in this venerated hall, which was famous for its incredible acoustics and design.   Absorb the intriguing information displayed featuring the illustrious composer, gaining insight into his fascinating personal life and professional achievements.
After touring the wondrous Esterhazy Palace, visit the nearby church Bergkirche, where Haydn was laid to eternal rest.  The masses that Haydn created for the Esterhazy Family were all premiered here, which were truly dazzling events that would usually end in a sensationally lavish ball and banquet, replete with glittering fireworks at night.
Explore this picturesque town with your tour companions while enjoying a delicious meal at one of the local cafés.
After transferring back to Vienna, discover the innovative “Haus der Musik” (Soundmuseum), an interactive exhibit which immerses visitors in a variety of sound experiences.  From the Prenatal Sensory Rush to the great classical composers like Mozart and Beethoven, this museum captures the imagination and offers a unique and comprehensive perspective into the science of music.   History, technology and science are merged to create a thoroughly riveting experience.
Make the most of your last afternoon here in stunning Vienna by indulging in free time.   Whether you decide you use your time actively sight-seeing, enjoying a casual stroll, or relaxing at a local café, Vienna offers a multitude of activities that are certain to delight.
Dine with your tour companions at a famed local restaurant, revelling in your exciting adventures and discoveries.   Say farewell while enjoying a night of merriment and excitement in this wonderful city.
Overnight in Vienna.

DAY 10: Farewell

Begin your journey home or continue on your own personal adventures.

Performances: the mentioned locations and timeslots are just examples. They depend on group size & type, travel period and budget. No instrument rental included, locations like churches, public spots, schools or hotels, chair rental not included, audience is not guaranteed and subject to additional fees.

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