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The Beauty of Italy: a Cultural Journey of Music and Magic

The Beauty of Italy: a Cultural Journey of Music and Magic

Tour Suggestion

The allure and charm of Italy await you on this thrilling cultural exploration.   Delve into the ancient world of Rome, experience the grace of the Renaissance in Florence, discover the romance of Verona, and bask in the quintessential beauty of fair Venice.  Peppered with performance opportunities, this tour has been finely-curated for musical groups and musicians.   Delight in the opportunity to take the stage in the exalted historical and cultural venues of Italy while contributing to the enjoyment of your audience.   The charismatic people, glorious architecture and cultural splendour of Italy welcome you as you create lasting memories on this wondrous journey.

Day 1: When in Rome

Welcome to the architectural striking and richly romantic city of Rome.  Your tour guide will meet you at the airport, where you will board your private coach to transfer into the city.
Discover the iconic sights of this astoundingly beautiful metropolis with a guided walking tour.   Marvel at the ancient Colosseum, which stands serene and majestic despite once being the great venue for violent spectacles.  Stop to throw a coin into the famous Trevi Fountain, with its dramatically cascading water amidst a scene of triumphant mythical beauty.   Continue onwards to admire the great Pantheon, once a temple to the Roman gods dating back to 113 AD, which is a wonderfully preserved and treasured example of truly ancient architecture.  
Delight in a wonderful café lunch in one of the sun-drenched piazzas of this splendid city before transferring to your hotel for check-in.
This evening, enjoy a welcome dinner with your tour companions.  Dine on delicious regional cuisine while toasting your upcoming adventures.
Overnight in Rome region.

Day 2: The Romance of Rome

After enjoying a delightful Roman breakfast at your hotel, board your private coach for transfer to the Vatican.  A veritable treasure trove of cultural and religious importance, the amazingly stunning Vatican City will be certain to surprise and impress.  Visit the venerated Sistine Chapel, gazing up towards the vibrant heavens of Michaelangelo's great masterpiece.   Working under arduous and often dangerous conditions, Michaelangelo toiled for years to create this vivid imagery which has influenced countless artists and amazed millions of visitors over the centuries.    Prepare to be struck by the vast magnificence of St. Peter's Basilica and its stupendous dome, which dominates the skyline of this gorgeous city.  The largest church in the world, St. Peter's also houses the bones of St. Peter himself, and serves as the final resting place to many Popes.  Explore this holy sanctuary with respect and care as you marvel at its interior beauty and rich history.   St. Peter's Square, flanked by many dramatic columns, is colossal in size and creates a wonderful atmosphere in which to take photos of this fantastic architecture.  Not to be missed are the fantastical wonders housed in the Vatican Museum.   Behold the richness and splendour of the Roman Catholic Church as you discover the masterpieces within.  Approximately 20,000 treasures are on display, providing visitors a true mecca of culture and history.
Enjoy lunch in one of Rome's wonderful cafés, indulging in the world-famous Italian cuisine on offer.
After lunch, you may choose participate in a Street Arts guided tour.  Discover the modern and contemporary cutting edge of Rome, with its vibrant graffiti and urban artwork.   Learn about this newly developing art form in this classically ancient city while you stroll the streets on foot.  
Another option for this afternoon is to traverse the Centro Storico at your leisure.  With wonderful and classical sights such as the iconic Spanish Steps and the glorious Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio, the Centro Storico has a varied inventory of architectural and cultural gems to discover.  If relaxation is your goal, simply people watch in one of the fantastic piazzas while enjoying an indulgent scoop of gelato.   Whether you actively go sight-seeing or decide to take a moment of leisure, this wondrously historic area of Rome is yours to explore.
Dependant on your travel dates and interests, there may be the opportunity to take centre stage at one of Rome’s wonderful churches.   Visitors will delight in your musical interlude as you revel in this unique experience surrounded by the majestic beauty of Rome. 
Celebrate your amazing and life-changing performance with a sumptuous dinner at one of Rome's celebrated restaurants.   Recount the day's adventures while you enjoy the delights of this magical city.
Transfer back to the hotel, overnight in Rome region.

Day 3: The Dynasties of Rome

After indulging in a hearty breakfast at the hotel, explore one of the great historical villas of the city.  This morning, you have the option to delve into the lives of the Medici Family or the Borghese Family with a visit to one of their respective villas.  The splendid Villa Medici, which has housed the French Academy of Rome since 1803, has been home to budding French musicians and artists for over 200 years.   Stroll through the wondrously lush grounds of this spectacular villa, imagining the extreme power and wealth of the venerated Medici family, great patrons of the arts and architecture alike.  The nearby Villa Borghese, home of the Galleria Borghese, contains a huge collection of art, dating back to the 1600s.   Discover the fine paintings and fantastical sculptures as you stroll through the hallways and rooms of this illustrious villa, which once served as a "party house" to a member of the Borghese family.   The vast and meticulously maintained English Gardens are a delight to explore, offering visitors serenity and vibrant beauty.
Enjoy lunch in one of the superb piazzas of The Eternal City.
This afternoon, you will continue your journey onwards to fair Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance. Upon arrival, check in to your hotel and indulge in a delicious dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in Florence region.

Day 4: Fabulous Florence

This morning, you will set out to explore Florence on a private walking tour.   Admire the Ponte Vecchio, the medieval enclosed bridge housing many jewellery and art shops.   A stop at the imposing Palazzio Vecchio, the Town Hall of Florence which looks more like a fortress, will create a unique photo opportunity.   Enjoy yourself while becoming acquainted with the sun-drenched historical centre of this splendid city.
Enjoy the elegance of this lovely metropolis as you lunch with your tour companions.
After lunch, visit the Pitti Palace, the colossal and magnificent Renaissance palace acquired by the Medici Family in the mid-1500s.  This grandiose palace is the largest in Florence, improved and upgraded over a period of three centuries by the Medicis.   Explore the lavish interior of this marvellous residence while imagining the pomp and pageantry of the glittering events once held here.   The peaceful gardens, with their vivid floral design and dramatic fountains, offer visitors a moment of quiet reflection.
This evening, revel in a magical night out as you prepare for a fantastic dinner and concert.   Relish a fine dinner at one of Florence's highly rated restaurants while enjoying the company of your friends.  Depending on your dates of travel, you might enjoy enchanting chamber music, a lavish opera, or a magnificent classical performance.   Breathe in the atmosphere of this architecturally gorgeous and culturally lush city while indulging in a night of fun and merriment. 
Transfer back to the hotel, overnight in Florence region.

Day 5: Fair Florence

Your day begins with a musical performance at the gorgeous Santa Croce Church (subject to availablitiy), the largest Franciscan basilica in the world.   Admire the wonderful frescoes throughout the chapels in this magnificent religious sanctuary as you acquaint yourself with your surroundings.  Enjoy this special moment to showcase your repertoire, as musicians have been doing for centuries in this fine location.
Lunch at your leisure with your tour companions, followed by an afternoon of free time to explore this wondrous metropolis at your own pace.
Tonight, dine on the sumptuous yet simple regional fare of Florence as you discuss the day's adventures with your tour companions.
Overnight in Florence region.

Day 6: The Magnificence of Milan

After breakfast, continue your adventure of cultural delights by travelling to Milan.   Lunch will be enjoyed with your tour companions en route to this magical city, famed for haute couture, luxury shopping, and charming cultural refinement.
Upon your arrival, take the opportunity to explore this elegant metropolis by bicycle.   This specially guided tour will whisk you away on a fantastic sightseeing excursion, introducing you to the iconic sights of the city.   View the world-famous Holy Mary of Grace Church, home to the venerated Last Supper mural painted by the great master, Leonardo di Vinci.   Continue onwards to the Neoclassical La Scala Opera, built in the late 18th century and host to many opulent and glittering productions over the past 240 years.  The gorgeous Piazza Mercanti, once the centre of the city in the Middle Ages, is flanked by the illustrious governmental palaces of old, and provides fascinating insight into this ancient metropolis.   The nearby Piazza del Duomo, the centre of Milan today, is astonishing in size and architecture, and is the true heart of the city.   The imposing and ornate Milan Cathedral stands watch over the square and is truly an opulent feast for the eyes.   The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the oldest shopping complex in the city still in use, conceals a gorgeous arcade of glass and iron arches and domes within.   Also located at the Piazza del Duomo, the elegant Royal Palace of Milan, now a great centre of cultural treasures, is beautiful to view and behold.
After your grand tour of Milan, transfer back to your hotel for check-in and dinner.
Overnight in Milan region.

Day 7: Musical Milan

This morning, you will have the opportunity to participate in a visit to the American School of Milan.  Focussing on the musical enrichment opportunities offered to pupils, your group could be audience to a variety of educational activities.   Depending on your visitation date, you might have the chance to observe a musical rehearsal at this distinguished school. 
This afternoon, delight in rehearsing and performing in one of Milan's illustrious historical venues or at the university.  Captivate your audience with your musical repertoire while enjoying the old-world beauty that this unique concert opportunity offers.
After your thrilling performance, revel in a relaxing afternoon of exploration in the Old Town.  Discover the beauty of Milan's piazzas and architecture while strolling through the laneways and streets at your own pace.
Fun and excitement await as you choose this evening's destination.   Dining and sightseeing are combined into one unique experience as you board the ATMosphere Restaurant Tram.  A four-course dinner will delight your taste buds as you tour the city via tram, enjoying the ever-changing view of the gorgeous sights of Milan.   This relaxing yet exciting sightseeing opportunity combined with sumptuous dining will be certain to create wonderful memories.    Your other option for tonight takes you on a glittering and thrilling adventure to the opera.   Uplift your spirits with a wondrous visit to La Scala, followed by a delicious, succulent late-night dinner.    Revel in the opportunity to combine an evening of music and entertainment with fine cuisine on your last night in Milan.
Overnight in Milan region.

Day 8: Lovely Verona

After your morning transfer to Verona, begin your adventure with a visit to the Vocalcentre Association.  This cultural centre, which strives to encourage and educate musical students of all abilities and ages, offers visitors a plethora of classes and workshops.   Depending on your date of visit, a special workshop or activity may be available.   Expand your knowledge of music and theory while enjoying a fun learning experience with your tour companions.
Enjoy lunch with your friends at a local café in this fair city.
This afternoon, delight in a first-hand experience of Shakespeare's powerful play, Romeo and Juliet. Explore Verona while learning about the true historical significance behind the story of the tragic young lovers.  Powerful feuding families, bouts of violence, and historical sites made famous by the play are all woven together to create an enthralling walking tour experience.
Enjoy leisure time in the Old Town.  Explore this magnificent UNESCO designated World Heritage Site at your own pace while revelling in the grandeur and beauty that Verona offers its visitors.
Dinner will be enjoyed at one of the well-rated local restaurants with your tour companions.
Transfer to the hotel for check-in.
Overnight in Verona region.

Day 9: Fair Verona

Today begins with a visit to the Verona Conservatory of Music Dall'Abaco makes for a splendid excursion.  Take the opportunity to explore this venerated music school, then prepare for your own special performance here amongst teachers and pupils of music.
After lunch, a special excursion to the Castelvecchio Museum will be certain to enthral.  This impressive fortress, built in the 14th century by the powerful Scaliger Family, is quite the sight to behold.   Recently restored and containing an eclectic collection of art and artefacts, the colossal strong-hold makes for a fascinating visit. 
Depending on your travel dates, you might enjoy an early dinner in preparation for a night at the stunning Arena Di Verona.  Built in the first century as a Roman amphitheatre, this gorgeous open-air structure now hosts the most amazing cultural and musical performances.   Prepare to be enthralled by centuries of cultural history while gazing at the twinkling stars overhead.
Transfer back to your hotel.
Overnight in Verona region.

Day 10: The Vivid Beauty of Venice

This morning, you will travel to Venice, a city filled with canals and romance.  Venice, with its many dazzling waterways filled with gondolas, its palatial yet ancient houses, and its beautiful art and architecture, makes a truly dramatic impression on its visitors.
Your first stop will be the Venetian Ghetto, which is steeped in cultural history and importance.  Dating back to 1516, this Jewish ghetto is the oldest in the world.   The district, to this day, serves as an important cultural centre of Jewish life in Venice.  A guided tour of the area will provide you with insight into the turbulent and colourful history of the Venetian Ghetto.
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions in this ancient city of canals.
After lunch, prepare for your musical performance at one of Venice's spectacular historical sites.  Revel in this opportunity to share your joy of music, enchanting audience members in this splendid historical building.  
Transfer back to your hotel for check-in and dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in Venice region.

Day 11: The Magnificence of Venice

This morning, indulge in a walking tour which will provide a spectacular orientation of this splendid city.  The Piasa San Marco (St. Mark's Square) is impressively grand and flanked by gorgeous architecture.   View St. Mark's Basilica, the great Gothic cathedral of Venice, made internationally famous by its collection of mosaics, Saints' bones, and treasury.  Explore the rich history of this incredible city while admiring the many stunning buildings and monuments of Venice.
Leisure time in Venice.  Relax in a romantic piasa, stroll the quaint laneways, or visit one of Venice's many museums or galleries.  
Enjoy a special farewell dinner with your tour companions.   Revel in the comradery and merriment of your last night on tour while dining on delicious local cuisine in beautiful Venice.
Overnight in Venice region.

Day 12: Farewell

Begin your journey home or spend an additional day in Venice to enjoy this spectacular city.

Performances: the mentioned locations and timeslots are just examples. They depend on group size & type, travel period and budget. No instrument rental included, locations like churches, public spots, schools or hotels, chair rental not included, audience is not guaranteed and subject to additional fees.

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Minimum 40 full paying participants:
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€ 1,939.00 in single rooms

Minimum 20 full paying participants:
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€ 1,909.00 in double / twin rooms
€ 2,249.00 in single rooms

The given prices are not valid during exhibitions, fairs, congresses, events or holidays. All prices are subject to availability. Valid for leisure groups only.

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  • 1 × entrance fee and guided visit of Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
  • 1 × street arts guided tour in Rome
  • 1 × visit of Villa Medici OR Villa Borghese
  • 1 × guided city tour of Florence
  • 1 × visit Pitti Palace
  • 1 × guided bike tour of Milan
  • 1 × visit American School of Milan
  • 1 × Romeo & Juliet Gametour in Verona
  • 1 × excursion to Castelvecchio Museum
  • 1 × guided visit of Venetian Ghetto
  • 1 × guided city tour of Venice
  • boat rides to Venice island

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