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The Cultural Delights of Bavaria

The Cultural Delights of Bavaria

Tour Suggestion

Art, musical performance and culture are united for a truly comprehensive insight into the beauty of Bavaria.  Explore the rich heritage of this fascinating region, while enhancing your musical knowledge and repertoire.  Imagine yourself, centre stage, sharing your love of music with a captivated audience while surrounded by centuries of history.   The uniquely-curated itinerary of musical performance, along with ample opportunity for authentic cultural immersion and enjoyment will enrich your life and create lasting memories. 

Day 1: Arrival in Munich

Welcome to the elegant, exciting city of Munich. Your tour guide will meet you at the airport, where you will board your private coach to transfer into the city. A combination walking and coach tour will give you the opportunity to admire the fine architecture and sights of Munich. View the stately buildings surrounding the Marienplatz (Mary's Square), including the dramatic Gothic architecture of The Old City Hall. The impressive facade of the New Town Hall with its cheerfully animated and melodic glockenspiel, will be certain to entrance visitors. Journey onwards to the Odeonsplatz, with its grand square and buildings, built in the 19th century. Enjoy spectacular views of the wonderful Nymphenburg Palace, a truly gorgeous building, as you tour the city by coach. The Englischer Garten (English Garden), with its extensive grounds complete with bridges, waterfalls, flora and fauna, is a wonderful stop on your tour of Munich. The BMW Welt, a spectacular example of modern architecture and innovation, serves as a vast exhibition centre and also houses a gleaming showroom of the BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce vehicles.
After the tour, enjoy lunch with your tour companions.
This afternoon, take part in an exclusive opportunity to visit the Nationaltheater (National Theatre). Your exciting backstage tour will allow you to explore the off-limits area of the theatre, learn about the colourful history, and meet the actual employees who help create the fantastical productions. Discover the world of opera like you've never seen it before. 
Hotel check-in.
Dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in Munich.

Day 2:  Musical Munich

This morning, visit to the Deutsches Museum (German Museum) will be certain to fascinate those who appreciate the many wonders of science and technology. This beautifully imposing museum is not only the largest in Munich, but it also houses a vast myriad of subject matter, catering to a wide variety of interests. Everything from Aerospace, Astronomy, Computing, Music, and Tunnel Construction are represented.
Another option for this morning would be to visit the Munich Residenz, the seat of the Wittelsbach monarchs for over four centuries. This vast complex of buildings and courtyards, once the great governmental centre, is a veritable mecca for fine architecture, lavish interiors, and priceless artefacts. As the largest city palace in the country, it will certainly hold the interest and amazement of its visitors.
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions.
This afternoon, visit to the splendidly lavish Nymphenburg Palace, one of the most architecturally stunning sites in Munich. Originally built as a summer residence in the late 1600s for the Bavarian ruling dynasty, the Wittelsbach family, the palace is designed in the Baroque style and is situated amongst vast gardens, complete with a man-made lake. Dependent on the date of your visit, you might have the opportunity to take part in a gondola ride. Revel in the splendour of this architectural wonder while you enjoy the lush radiance of the gardens.
After your peaceful excursion to wonderful Nymphenburg Palace, you will prepare for your exciting performance at one of Munich's illustrious concert halls or historical venues. Breathe for example in the rich atmosphere of the Allerheiligen-Hofkirche (Court Church of All Saints), located at the ornate Munich Residenz,  be inspired by the glamour and elegance of the Gaertnerplatztheater, feel the musical culture resonating at the venerated Musikhochschule, or feel like you are performing for royalty at the extravagant Prinz-Regenten Theater. Feel the thrill of the performance as you enjoy the fantastic atmosphere that your esteemed venue provides.
Tonight, enjoy regional cuisine with your tour companions at dinner.
Overnight in Munich.

Day 3: Radiant Regensburg

This morning, you will continue your adventure by transferring to Regensburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its stone Medieval city centre. With over 1500 buildings of historical importance, Regensburg is a charming destination for visitors who appreciate fine architecture. Enjoy a guided city tour, which will help orientate you in this amazingly preserved Medieval city. View the famous stone bridge, built in the 12th century, which elegantly traverses the great Danube River. St. Peter's Cathedral, with its impressive Gothic architecture and amazing interior, towers masterfully above the city centre. Also featured on this tour is the Old Corn Market, which was originally used by the Romans in the second century.
Lunch with your tour companions.
After lunch, take part in a group tour of the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall), a fascinating building which hosted the first German Parliament back in the 1600s. Full of interesting artefacts and spectacular interior decoration, the Altes Rathaus will be certain to intrigue.
This afternoon, immerse yourself in this wonderful world of sublime history as you rehearse and perform in one of the city's churches. Stained glass, dazzling interiors, amazing acoustics, and centuries of history await you as you perform in one of Regensburg's fine religious houses.
Hotel check-in and dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in Regensburg.

Day 4: Remarkable Regensburg

This morning, set sail on the Danube to the impressive and inspiring Walhalla.  Built in the 19th century by King Ludwig I, Walhalla was created as a testament to the Bavarian people in memory of the devastating defeat by the Napoleonic armies of 1807. Built in the powerful yet splendid Neoclassical style, the monument was named Walhalla in honour of Valhalla, the great warrior's heaven of legend and myth. Comrades and heroes of the 19th century, chosen by Ludwig, are honoured throughout the building by form of plaques and busts. The amazing "Hall of Expectation" was built to honour the great people of the future and showed incredible foresight on behalf of Ludwig. Revel in the peaceful atmosphere of this marble masterpiece while you discover this wonder at your own pace.
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions.
This afternoon, meet the Regensburg Cathedral Choir, the famous boys' choir which has been singing exaltations for over one-thousand years. Originally founded in 975 AD, this choir has been providing musical harmony to the Sunday services at St. Peter's Cathedral ever since. Experience the magic and tradition created by these young musicians as you witness this spectacular performance of heavenly music (subject to availability).
After the wonderful performance of the Cathedral Choir, you will have free time to explore the Old Town and discover history at your leisure.
Dine on traditional cuisine with your tour companions at a local restaurant.
Overnight in Regensburg.

Day 5: The Beauty of Bayreuth

After breakfast, enjoy an excursion to Bayreuth, a charming town along the Red River with rich history and architecture. See the spectacular Markgraefliches Opernhaus (Margravial Opera House), which radiates with opulence and luxury. Dating back to the mid 1700s, the theatre was commissioned by Margravine Wilhelmine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth and inaugurated on her daughter's wedding day. Inspired by the Italian loges theatres, the Opera House is a fine example of Baroque opulence and beauty. 
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions.
This afternoon, discover the world of Richard Wagner by visiting the former home of this great composer along with his celebrated Bayreuth Festival House. Wagner collaborated and worked on the design and structure of the Festival House, having previously developed the idea of the Bayreuth Festival, which would showcase his own compositions. By taking part on a guided tour of the Festival House, you will be privy to behind-the-scenes information and off-limit areas of the colossal interior. Discover the secrets of this great building and learn insightful information about Wagner and the Bayreuth Festival. A visit to Richard Wagner's home, now part of the Wagner Museum, will provide a fascinating exploration of the composer's personal life. Original furnishings and artefacts are featured throughout the building, creating insight into the daily life of the Wagner Family.
Take some free time to explore the Old Town at your leisure, or visit the wonderful Franz Lizst Museum, honouring the great virtuoso and father-in-law to Richard Wagner. Explore the intriguing personal life of the Franz Lizst, which brimmed with scandal, passion and romance. 
Dinner will be hosted at a celebrated Bayreuth restaurant.
Coach transfer back to the hotel.
Overnight in Regensburg.

Day 6: Brilliant Bamberg

This morning, you will travel to Bamberg, a town of rolling hills and beautifully preserved architecture. Orientate yourself with a guided walking tour of this charming town, with the magnificent Old Town being deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With two main rivers running through the town, along with lovely arched stone bridges traversing them, create a truly picturesque setting and a lovely outing. Featured buildings are the Old Town Hall, uniquely located in the middle of a bridge and the glorious Alte Hofhaltung and Neue Residenz, residences of the Bishops during different time periods.
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions in this beautiful town.
This afternoon, you will visit the glorious Bamberg Cathedral for an in-depth look of its architecture and the treasures that lie within. The Romanesque architecture, with its four magnificent towers, dates back to the 13th century. The interior, with its dramatic arches that soar skywards, holds many artefacts and art. The tomb of Pope Clement II, carved from marble, is the cathedral's most famous resident. Note the marble tomb of the cathedral's founders, Emperor Heinrich and his wife Empress Kunigunde, with its dramatic carvings. The famous statue, The Bamberg Horseman, is also located here at the Cathedral. 
This evening, prepare for your musical performance at one of Bamberg's spectacular historical sites. Revel in this opportunity to share your joy of music, enchanting audience members in this splendid historical building. Or you can enjoy a performance of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra (subject to availability). 
Dinner with your tour companions.
Transfer back to Regensburg.
Overnight in Regensburg.

Day 7: Hidden Gems of Nuremberg

After breakfast, you will transfer to Nuremberg, where your cultural adventure will continue. Dependant on availability, you may have the opportunity to either visit the Hauseigene Meisterwerkstaetten, where you will observe the fascinating art of instrument restoration at the hands of a true master, or a visit to the illustrious Berufsfachschule fuer Musik for a lively discussion and presentation.
After the morning's activities, you will visit the enchanting Nuremberg Glockenspiel at the Frauenkirche (Church of our lady) to witness the melodic midday performance which has been delighting visitors since the 1500s.
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions.
This afternoon, explore the city on a guided walking tour. Discover the secrets and intrigue of this breath-taking city while you view the gorgeous architecture of the Old Town. The magnificent St. Selbadus Church, one of the oldest and most majestic churches of Nuremberg, originally dated back to the 1200s. Having sustained major damage from the bombing raids of World War 2, the church was carefully restored to its former glory. Note the combination of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, which creates a stunning façade. The Albrecht Duererhaus, with its unique combination of sandstone and timber frame, dates back to the 1400s and was the former house of the great Renaissance artist Albrecht Duerer, famous for his wood-cut paintings and his iconic self-portrait. The Nuremberg Castle commands the centre of the Old Town and is difficult to miss. Admire this amazingly preserved Medieval strong-hold and learn about its colourful history. With its wealth of museums and attractions, Nuremberg can hold the interest of any discerning visitor. Take some free time to explore a museum of your choice at leisure. Some of the more popular options include the Albrecht Duerer museum, which offers a unique view into the life of the great artist, the Toy Museum, with its amazing collection of toys from long ago, the Torture Museum, which will shock and amaze visitors, and the Art Bunker (Historische Kunstbunker), which protected Nuremberg's priceless art from destruction in World War 2.  
For those wanting to simply relax and explore the city at their own leisure, the afternoon is yours to enjoy. 
Dinner at a local restaurant, enjoy the culinary delights of Nuremberg with your tour companions.
Overnight in Nuremberg.

Day 8: Notable Nuremberg

Start your day with a visit to the Documentation Centre, an almost haphazardly placed museum of jutting metal and awkward angles. Inside, view the intriguing yet frightening reasoning and outcomes of the Hitler's Nazi Regime, including its creation and its ultimate destruction. Aptly named "Fascination and Terror" the museum's permanent exhibit will be certain to elicit strong feelings from visitors. A visit to the Dutzendteich, a peaceful recreational area enjoyed by families and sportsmen alike, was once incorporated into the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. After the fall of the Nazi Party, the peaceful area was reclaimed as a recreational ground for enjoyment of the community.
The Memorial Nuremberg Trials also offers visitors a fascinating view of the aftermath of World War 2. Set in the Palace of Justice, the Nazi leaders who survived the war were put to trial and sentenced accordingly in this historic court. View the captivating exhibit which outlines the trials and sentencing of the Nazi officers responsible for so much horror and anguish. 
Lunch with your tour companions.
This afternoon, choose your own destination from the array of museums on offer in Nuremberg. Choose from a myriad of options, including The Germanic National Museum, which offers fascinating insight into the historical culture of Germany and beyond, the City Museum in Fembo House, which invites you to tour and view the considerable collection of artefacts in the Renaissance-era merchant's house, or the Kaiserburg, with its towering Medieval turrets and rich religious and monarchical history.
Early this evening, prepare for your final tour performance at one of Nuremberg's illustrious historical buildings. Visitors will delight in your musical interlude as you revel in this unique experience in gorgeous surroundings.
Enjoy an evening of excitement and merriment as you bid farewell to your adventures and your tour companions. Revel in your travel, dine on delicious regional cuisine, and indulge yourself.
Overnight in Nuremberg.

Day 9: Farewell    

Begin your journey home (flying out from Munich) or spend additional time travelling at your leisure.

Performances: the mentioned locations and timeslots are just examples. They depend on group size & type, travel period and budget. No instrument rental included, locations like churches, public spots, schools or hotels, chair rental not included, audience is not guaranteed and subject to additional fees.

Copyright program and pictures: © APPINA TRAVEL GmbH

PACKAGE PRICES 2020 using 3-star hotels

Minimum of 40 full paying participants:
€ 1,069.00 (USD 1,197.00 / CAD 1,603.50 / 3,741.50) per person in multiple rooms
€ 1,119.00 (USD 1,523.00 / CAD 1,678.50 / BRL 3,916.50) per person in double / twin rooms
€ 1,469.00 (USD 1,645.00 / CAD 2,203.50 / BRL 5,141.50) per person in single rooms

Minimum 30 full paying participants:
€ 1.199,00 (USD 1,342.90 / CAD 1,798.50 / BRL 4,196.50) per person in multiple rooms
€ 1.249,00 (USD 1,398.90 / CAD 1,873.50 / BRL 4,371.50) per person in double / twin rooms
€ 1.599,00 (USD 1,790.90 / CAD 2,398.50 / BRL 5,596.50) per person in single rooms

Minimum 20 full paying participants:

€ 1,389.00 (USD 1,555.90 / CAD 2,083.50 / BRL 4,861.50) per person in multiple rooms
€ 1,439.00 (USD 1,611.90 / CAD 2,158.50 / BRL 5,036.50) per person in double / twin rooms
€ 1,789.00 (USD 2,003,90 / CAD 2,683.50 / BRL 6,261.50) per person in single rooms

The given prices are not valid during exhibitions, fairs, congresses, events or holidays. Porterage fees are not included and may apply if this service is possible in the hotels. All prices are subject to availability. Valid for leisure groups only. Rates are based on a current exchange rate. In case of changes, we obtain the right to adapt the rates.

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  • Same arrival and departure airport

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  • 8 × overnight stay (2 × Munich, 4 × Regensburg, 2 × Nuremberg )
  • 8 × buffet breakfast
  • 8 × dinner at hotels or restaurants (3-course menu with tap water)
  • 1 × coach transfer according to program
  • 1 × tour escort during the trip
  • 3 × organization of a performance
  • 1 × guided city tour of Munich
  • 1 × visit BMW Welt
  • 1 × backstage tour of National theatre
  • 1 × entrance fee Deutsches Museum OR Munich Residence
  • 1 × entrance fee Nymphenburg Palace
  • 1 × guided city tour of Regensburg
  • 1 × guided visit of Old City Hall
  • 1 × cruise on the River Danube
  • 1 × entrance fee Walhalla
  • 1 × attend a performance of Regensburg Cathedral Choir (subject to availability, mostly possible on Sundays)
  • 1 × meeting with Regensburg Cathedral Choir (subject to availability)
  • 1 × guided city tour of Bayreuth
  • 1 × guided visit of Bayreuth Festival House (not possible between March and August)
  • 1 × entrance fee Richard Wagner Museum incl. audio guide
  • 1 × guided city tour of Bamberg
  • 1 × guided visit of Bamberg cathedral
  • 1 × visit of Hauseigene Meisterwerkstaetten OR Berufsfachschule fuer Musik in Nuremberg (subject to availability)
  • 1 × guided walking tour of Nuremberg
  • 1 × entrance fee Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds with audio guides
  • 1 × entrance fee and guided visit of Memorium Nuremberg Trials

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