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The Tastes of Germany: A Culinary Adventure

The Tastes of Germany: A Culinary Adventure

Discover the delicious secrets that Germany hides in this tempting adventure for food lovers.  Specially created for those who delight in regional and traditional cuisine, tour groups will be whisked away on a culinary journey of enticement and learning.  Interwoven with cultural tours and interactive experiences, this fun and imaginative tour will open your eyes to the delicious history of Germany.

Day 1: Flavourful Frankfurt

Welcome to the energetic city of Frankfurt, with its futuristic skyline and dynamic culture. Your tour guide will meet you at the airport, where you will begin your adventure with a private tour of this eclectic city.  Explore the modern side of the largest financial centre of the Eurozone, with its dazzling contemporary buildings like the European Central Bank Headquarters and the Commerzbank Tower. Equally fascinating is the colourfully rich history of Frankfurt, an ancient powerhouse of trade and business.  The stunning Gothic architecture of the Frankfurt Cathedral, the ornately designed Romer, and the beauty of the Alte Oper will be certain to impress.
Sample the delicious regional cuisine at lunch with your tour companions.  The deliciously hearty Frankfurter Wurstchen, a smoked pork sausage, will sate any hungry traveller.  Try the flavourful and tasty Grune Sosse, made with a myriad of delicious local herbs and often served with boiled eggs or potatoes.  Hand cheese, also called Handkase mit Musik, is a savoury marinated cheese traditionally served with bread and Apfelwein, or apple wine.
This afternoon, revel in an interactive and delicious tour of the city, featuring its historically favourite drink, Apple Wine.  Explore the beautiful cobblestone streets and laneways of the Old Town, learning more about the history and production of this enticing beverage, finishing your tour with an Apple Wine tasting.
Enjoy a welcome dinner with your tour companions at your first hotel.  Dine on delicious regional cuisine while toasting your upcoming travels.
Overnight in Frankfurt.

Day 2: Tasty Thuringia

After partaking in breakfast at the hotel, you will continue your culinary journey to Thuringia, a majestic land of mountains and Medieval villages.
Lunch will be enjoyed at the unique and quirky Deutsches Bratwurstmuseum, where you will savour a sumptuous Bratwurst along with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. A taste of the unique sausage schnapps, or Bratwurstschnapschen, is also included.  After lunch, a visit to the delightful museum will inform and entertain through a variety of demonstrations and historical exhibits.
A guided tour of the magnificent town of Erfurt will enthral your tour group.  View the elegance of the splendid half-timbered buildings as you appreciate the sights and sounds of this wondrously beautiful old town.  Admire the dazzling Kramerbrucke bridge with its vibrant Medieval history, be amazed at the colossal Church of St. Severus, and gaze at the exquisite beauty of the town homes.
Spend the rest of the afternoon at your leisure in Erfurt.  Revel in your free time as you stroll through the Old Town of Erfurt, with its amazingly preserved Medieval buildings and Gothic architecture.  This visual comparison of old-world Gothic versus new world Bauhaus is both striking and captivating.
Dine with your tour companions at a famed local restaurant, recalling your exciting adventures and discoveries. 
Overnight in region of Erfurt / Eisenach

Day 3: Wonderful Weimar

This morning, you will begin your exploration of Bauhaus in the city of Weimar.  A guided tour will introduce you to the great buildings and focal points throughout the city.   The illustrious Bauhaus University, was developed into the modern Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar by Walter Gropius in 1919 and is home to the striking main building, declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. View the strength of the Marzgefallenen-Denkmal (Monument to the March Dead), and prepared to be fascinated at the Haus am Horn, the first Bauhaus-designed construction ever built.
Alternatively, will you have the opportunity to explore historic and colourful Weimar, which was once the great classical literature centre of Germany.  St. Paul and Peter´s City Church, a church of utmost cultural importance to Weimar, has played host to the venerated Martin Luther and the great maestro Johann Sebastian Bach.  Home to many great German writers, like Goethe, Schiller and Nietzsche, the city was a mecca of intellectual learning and rich culture.  Learn more about the glittering society of yesteryear while exploring the fascinating streets of Weimar.
A delightful visit to the interactive Thuringian Dumpling Museum will soon become tempting and delicious as you learn more about this enticing local delicacy.  Marvel at the array of succulent flavours while you tour this fun and dynamic museum.   Enjoy an appetizing lunch of authentic Thuringian dumplings with tangy Rotkraut, topped off with either roulade or goulash.
Afterwards you continue in direction to Leipzig. Delve into the wonderful realm of bubbles and grapes as you with a visit to the celebrated Rotkappchen Sektkellerei.  Learn more about the fermentation, production and history of this exquisite local winery, then finish off your tour with an indulgent tasting of this tasty beverage.
Dine with your tour group this beautiful region of Germany.
Overnight in the Leipzig.

Day 4: Luscious Leipzig

After breakfast, discover the historical and cultural beauty of Leipzig with a guided stroll of the city.  The wonderful array of Renaissance architecture, Baroque architecture and historicist style of the Grunderzeit era create a truly opulent atmosphere in which to learn more about this city.   St. Nicholas’ Church, a monument to the grandiose and dramatic Gothic architecture, the colossal and eclectic Augustusplatz with its Opera and Gewandhaus Concert Hall are highlighted.  View the beauty of St. Thomas Church, where Johann Sebastian Bach served as cantor, and composed numerous works for the Lutheran Churches in the area.
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions in this beautiful city.
This afternoon, delight in a visit to the Halloren Schokoladenfabrik, Germany’s oldest chocolate manufacturer.  This indulgent tour whisks you away into the amazing world of chocolate.  Marvel at the fine works of chocolate art, discover the history of this tasty treat, and view an actual production line of chocolate being made.   An exquisite tasting of chocolate at the end of the tour is a tantalizing highlight.
Free time in Leipzig offers countless activities for visitors.  Whether you decide to visit the culturally enriching Grassi Museum, the historically significant Zeiss-Planetarium, or the colossal yet poignant Volkerschlachtdenkmal, Leipzig offers a myriad of choices.
Dine at one of Leipzig’s fine restaurants, perhaps trying some fabulous regional cuisine.
Overnight in Leipzig.

Day 5: Delightful Dresden

This morning, you will continue your quest for delicious cuisine by travelling to beautiful Dresden, where you’ll enjoy a guided visit of the famous Teigwaren Riesa pasta manufacturing facility.  Delve into the colourful history of pasta, which includes a tempting pasta lunch at the Teigwaren Riesa restaurant.
After lunch, explore the striking city of Dresden, and its dazzling Baroque architecture.  Beginning with a coach tour along the glittering Elbe River, you will be inspired by the amazing historic castles around picturesque Dresden.  Discover the beauty of the Großer Garten, and the enchanting tree-lined avenues and secret laneways of the quarter Neustadt. 
Continue your adventure on foot in this inspiring city which creates the ideal environment for a truly enchanting walking tour.   Admire the magnificent Frauenkirche and its colossal dome, one of the largest in Europe, and learn about the fascinating history of this historical building.  Stroll onwards, to the great Theatreplatz, which is flanked by the grand and illustrious buildings of Dresden.  Marvel at the beauty of the Semper Opera as you admire the spectacular ambience of the Theatreplatz. View the lavish Dresden Zwinger, where three centuries of splendid architecture and history converge.  The glorious Dresden Cathedral, one of the city's most exalted landmarks, forms a stunning backdrop as you explore the city.
Indulge in a sumptuous local dish of Sachsischer Schweinebraten, which is succulent pork roast served in a savoury beer sauce.  Enjoy the comradery of your tour companions in this fantastic city.
Overnight in Dresden.

Day 6: Delectable Dresden

Begin your day with a visit to the Semper Opera, with its opulent columns and extravagant embellishment, and built in the combination of Corinthian, Renaissance and Baroque styles.  Imagine the glittering operas and production of yesteryear as you discover the secrets and legends of this venerable opera house.
For lunch, try the thick and tangy Soljanka stew, a celebrated and favourite dish of East Germany back in the days of the Berlin Wall.  Hearty and unique, this stew often features ingredients such as meat, vegetables, dill and potato, and picked cucumbers. 
This afternoon, a visit to a local bakery will be certain to inspire and delight.  Watch as a favourite Saxon sweet treat, Eirschecke, is created using apples, curd and poppy seeds.  Sample this regional delicacy with your tour companions as you appreciate your day in this fine city.
Dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in Dresden.

Day 7: Delicious Dresden

Begin your morning with a fascinating tour of the Volkswagan Glass Manufacturing Plant.  A guided tour through this colossal production site will open your eyes to the history and future of this internationally famous company.
A visit to the delicious world of the Pulsnitzer gingerbread shop will make for a fun outing.  Learn more about the decadent history of this unique gingerbread, which has been traditionally made here since the 1550s. Indulge in a special taste of this tasty treat, then tour the production house where it’s made.
Lunch with your tour companions in this gorgeous city.
This afternoon, a guided tour of the world famous Radeberger Brewery will be certain to enthrall. Learn more about their famous Pilsner, which has been appreciated by royalty and common folk since the 19th century.  Top up your visit with a tasting of the various beer types along with a snack, and take a souvenir photo. 
Dine with your tour group, delighting in traditional fare from Dresden.
Overnight in Dresden.

Day 8: Savoury Spreewald

On the way to beautiful Berlin, visit the pastoral region of Spreewald, home to the famous and tangy Spreewald gherkin.  If visiting during the summer months, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the manufacturing facility, learning more about the herbs and special secrets used to produce these savoury delicacies.   Otherwise, a visit to the quirky yet fascinating gherkin museum, along with a peaceful gondola ride through the many canals of Spreewald, offers a fun and serene adventure.
Join your tour companions for dinner in the vibrant and exciting city of Berlin, where your culinary adventures continue.
Overnight in Berlin.

Day 9: Brilliant Berlin

Welcome to the vibrant, dynamic city of Berlin, a city famous for its diversity and exciting culture. An interactive tour of the city will help acquaint you with its rich history.  As you traverse the illustrious Unter den Linden Avenue, marvel at the many cultural sites of importance, such as the imposing Brandenburg Gate and the gorgeous and culturally vital Museum Island.   A stop at the poignant Checkpoint Charlie and the Wall Memorial will provide insight into Berlin's turbulent political and historical past. 
The eclectic culture of Berlin is reflected in its food.  For lunch, indulge in one of the favourite street foods of Berlin, the delicious and unique currywurst. 
This afternoon, you may choose to explore the uniquely charming Museum Island, an amazing island literally located in the middle of the Spree River.   View the charming architecture of the five museums located here on the island and discover the vast myriad of treasures and artefacts within.   From the archaeological wonders of Ancient Egypt and Greece to the art of modern times, these museums offer immense opportunity for learning and discovery.
Set some time aside to visit the Ritter Sport shop, a veritable chocolate grocery.   Indulge yourself while perusing the huge array of chocolate, picking up some tasty souvenirs for friends and family back home.
Dinner will be enjoyed at a celebrated local restaurant with your tour companions.
Overnight in Berlin.

Day 10: Harmonious Hamburg

Today you continue to Hamburg.  A special visit to the Baumkuchen Salzwedel will be certain to intrigue.  Learn more about this unique cake, which is traditionally cooked on a spit over an open fire.  Highly valued and labour intensive, this cake has a rich and splendid history.  Explore the world of Baumkuchen, ending your visit with a delicious tasting of this prized delicacy.
This afternoon, a guided tour of Hamburg will open your eyes to the beauty of this city of canals and waterways.  Discover the importance and power of this ancient trading city while you admire the gorgeous architecture of the city’s well-planned buildings.  No skyscrapers mar the skyline here, and instead you’ll find a treasure trove of magnificent architecture, countless bridges, and serene water-crossed outlooks.
Enjoy dinner in this elegant city of bridges with your tour companions, perhaps sampling the famous eel soup or a traditional fish dinner of Finkenwerder Scholle.
Overnight in Hamburg.

Day 11: Lavish Lübeck

A special day excursion to the amazing medieval town of Lübeck creates a fine atmosphere in which to continue your journey.  Enjoy a guided city tour of this beautiful UNESCO-designated heritage site as you meander through the charming cobblestone laneways and sun-dappled medieval market squares.
Indulge in a savoury lunch of Fischbrotchen, a fish sandwich that has been appreciated by locals for many years. 
Temptation awaits at the Niederegger Marzipan Museum, which houses a formidable collection of marzipan art and creations.  Discover the history of this tasty almond flavoured treat as you marvel at the myriad of marzipan sculptures and masterpieces.  Finish your tour with a tasting at the Café Neideregger, which has been in operation since 1806.
After returning to Hamburg, enjoy dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in Hamburg.

Day 12: Heavenly Hamburg

This morning, revel in a serene boat tour of the world-famous Port of Hamburg.  View this stunning city of waterways from the peaceful comfort of an open-air boat. Visit the impressive and historic Speicherstadt, the largest warehouse district in the world built on log foundations.  Learn more about the grand trade history of this venerated port of commerce while exploring the many canals and bridges of Hamburg.  Visit the modern container terminals, which provides a distinct contrast to the Speicherstadt, learning more about the colossal cargo ships and docks which create this glittering port.
Lunch with your tour companions in Hamburg.
This afternoon, you will have the opportunity to visit either the Spice Museum, the Coffee Museum or the Speicherstadt Coffee Roasters.  At the Spice Museum, you will smell and touch fragrant and prized spices from both Germany and all over the world.  This fantastic and interactive exhibit offers a vast array of information, creating a fun and interesting learning experience.  
Another option is the Coffee Museum, which provides great insight into the history and culture behind this internationally popular beverage.  Learn about the huge variety of coffee beans, how coffee is produced, and the various equipment needed to create a delicious cup of coffee.  Enjoy a cup in the Museum Café after your tour.
A visit to the Speicherstadt Coffee Roasters will send coffee lovers straight to heaven.  Submerse yourself in the robust scent of roasting coffee beans, watching the slow and intricate roasting technique as you sip a fine cup of enticing coffee.

Day 13: Farewell

Bid adieu to your journey of culinary exploration as you set off on your journey home.

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1 × Visit of Thuringian Bratwurstmuseum
1 × Guided city tour of Erfurt
1 × Guided city tour of Weimar with topic Bauhaus or classic
1 × Lunch at Thuringian dumpling museum
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1 × Guided city tour of Leipzig
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1 × Guided city tour Dresden
1 × Guided visit of opera house Semperoper
1 × Soljanka stew for lunch
1 × Visit of a bakery with tasting
1 × Guided visit of the Volkswagan Glass Manufacturing Plant
1 × Visit of a gingerbread manufacturing
1 × Guided tour of the world famous Radeberger Brewery with workshop and tasting
1 × Visit of a Gherkin manufacturing or gherkin museum
1 × Gondola ride through the many canals of the Spreewald
1 × Guided city tour of Berlin
1 × Currywurst for lunch
1 × Visit of a Baumkuchen manufacturing
1 × Guided city tour of Hamburg
1 × Guided city tour of Lubeck
1 × Fish sandwich for lunch
1 × Visit of Niederegger Marzipan Museum
1 × Boat tour of the world-famous Port of Hamburg
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