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World War 2 in Germany: A Journey of Historical Significance

World War 2 in Germany: A Journey of Historical Significance

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World War 2 shook the planet like no other event, impacting millions of men, women and children throughout various countries and cultures.  Broaden your perspective of this colossal war through guided tours of historically important sites, learning more about both the triumphs and terrors that both soldiers and civilians faced on a daily basis.  Never forget the bravery and sorrows of the millions of people who fought, both in the battlefield and at home, and pay your respects to the many who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Day 1: Arrival in Munich

Welcome to the elegant, exciting city of Munich.  Your tour guide will meet you at the airport, where you will board your private coach to transfer into the city.  A combination walking and coach tour will give you the opportunity to enjoy the fine architecture and sights of Munich.  View the stately, opulent buildings surrounding the great squares and plazas of Munich like the Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz.  As you travel through the city, admire the spectacular Nymphenburg Palace and the colossal Englischer Garten (English Garden), with its extensive grounds complete with bridges, waterfalls, flora and fauna.  The fine architecture and dynamic culture of this metropolis will be certain to impress.

Enjoy a welcome dinner with your tour companions at one of Munich’s celebrated local restaurants.

Overnight in Munich.

Day 2: Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest) and Berchtesgaden

Today, visit the Eagle’s Nest, a unique mountain-top building commissioned by the Nazi Party during World War 2.  Built to host celebrations, social functions and meetings for high-ranking Nazi officials, the Eagle’s Nest offers spectacular panoramic vistas from its broad terrace.  After a unique ascent, learn more about the turbulent history of this stunning building while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere that this building represents in modern times.

After admiring the wondrous scenery from the Eagle’s Nest, descend into the gorgeous town of Berchtesgaden below.  This picturesque alpine village, brimming with charm and beauty, is also a mecca for sportsmen and nature lovers alike.  Due to Hitler’s love of the area, Berchtesgaden was often commandeered by high ranking Nazi officials on holiday. Learn more about the Nazi occupation of this fair town, along with its wealthy salt mining industry, as you explore at your leisure.

Dinner with your tour companions, followed by overnight in Munich.

Day 3: Discover the Dachau Memorial

This morning, pay your respects at the Dachau Memorial Site, which commemorates the lives of the thousands of prisoners held here by the Nazis.  This poignant memorial offers an emotional glimpse into the lives and deaths the numerous people interred here against their will.

This afternoon, explore the city of Nuremberg at your leisure.  Discover the secrets and intrigue of this breath-taking city while you view the gorgeous architecture of the Old Town.   The Nuremberg Castle commands the centre of the Old Town and is difficult to miss.   Marvel at this amazingly preserved Medieval strong-hold and learn about its colourful history. The magnificent St. Selbadus Church, one of the oldest and most majestic churches of Nuremberg, dates back to the 1200s.   Admire the Albrecht Durerhaus, with its unique combination of sandstone and timber frame, was the former house of the great Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer, famous for his wood-cut paintings and his iconic self-portrait. 

Dinner and overnight in Nuremberg.

Day 4: The Third Reich Rally Grounds and the Nuremberg Trials

Start your day with a visit to the Documentation Centre, an almost haphazardly placed museum of jutting metal and awkward angles.   Inside, view the frightening effects of the Hitler's Nazi Regime, including its creation and its ultimate destruction.   Aptly named "Fascination and Terror" the museum's permanent exhibit will be certain to elicit strong feelings from visitors.   A visit to the Dutzendteich, a serene recreational area enjoyed by families and sportsmen alike, was once incorporated into the Nazi Party Rally Grounds.   After the fall of the Nazi Party, the peaceful area was reclaimed as a recreational ground for enjoyment of the community.

The Memorial Nuremberg Trials also offers visitors a fascinating view of the aftermath of World War 2.  Set in the Palace of Justice, the Nazi leaders who survived the war were put to trial and sentenced accordingly in this historic court.  View the captivating exhibit which outlines the trials and sentencing of the Nazi officers responsible for so much hatred and anguish. 

Dinner and overnight in Nuremberg.

Day 5: Remembering the Battles of Huertgen Forest

This morning, you will travel to the Huertgen Forest, its serene façade of mature trees and greenery covering its bloody and violent past.  Years of bloody battles were waged under the cover of this dense forest, with hundreds of thousands of soldiers lost to the horrors of wars.  A guided tour of the forest will give you new insight into the battles of World War 2, with many bunkers and ruins serving as reminders of the horrible violence waged here.  The Huertgen Forest Museum will be certain to educate, with its unique exhibits and intriguing artefacts.

Dinner and overnight stay in the Cologne area.

Day 6: Point Alpha and Weimar

You will have the opportunity to discover the huge Point Alpha historical site, a compelling collection of military buildings dating back to World War 2.  Explore the tense history of this strategic stronghold while learning more about the life of the soldiers stationed here.  Committed to teaching today’s population about the terrors and turbulence of war, Point Alpha strives to educated and enlighten.

This afternoon, discover the beauty and culture of Weimar at your leisure.  Unearth the fascinating history of the Bauhaus University, the centre of the great Bauhaus movement. Admire the Goethe & Schiller Memorial, which commemorates these two prominent citizens of Weimar, who were great friends and provided huge contributions to the advancement of literature, culture and art.  St. Paul and Peter´s City Church, a church of utmost historical importance to Weimar, was built in the striking late Gothic style.   Martin Luther preached at this stunning church, and the great Johann Sebastian Bach played piano for church services on many occasions.

Dine with your tour companions at one of Weimar’s local restaurants. 

Overnight in Weimar.

Day 7: Buchenwald Memorial and Berlin

This morning, honor the memory of those imprisoned at Buchenwald, the largest and oldest concentration camp created by the Third Reich.  Imagine the horrors of senseless killing, misery and persecution that engulfed daily life here for the inmates.  Discover the terrible history and background of this Nazi stronghold whilst paying your respects to the many fallen.

Continue onwards to Berlin, a dynamic city famous for its diversity and exciting culture.  Explore this legendary city with a private tour.   As you traverse the illustrious Unter den Linden Avenue, marvel at the many historical sites of importance, such as the imposing Brandenburg Gate and the gorgeous and culturally vital Museum Island.   A stop at the poignant Checkpoint Charlie and the Wall Memorial will provide insight into Berlin's tempestuous political and cultural past. 

Revel in dinner with your tour group at one of the many celebrated local restaurants. 

Overnight in Berlin.

Day 8: The Effects of War in Berlin

A visit to the Allied Museum will enlighten and inform, providing a comprehensive view of how the turbulent political agendas of various nations helped shape the culture of Berlin. The interactive exhibits and guided tour offer a unique and intriguing perspective into the impact of politics and war upon the people of Berlin.

This afternoon, experience the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, learning more about how countless people risked and gave their lives to escape the confines of the Berlin Wall.  A special exhibit on the tools used to manoeuvre through and around the Berlin Wall will be certain to fascinate. Discover more about this famous landmark while reflecting upon the many lives which were damaged or destroyed as a direct result of the separation of East and West Berlin.

Dinner and overnight in Berlin.

Day 9: Sachsenhausen Memorial Site

This morning, you will visit the Sachsenhausen Memorial Site, formerly the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.   Used primarily as a prison for political prisoners during World War 2, life at the camp was rife with torture, medical experimentation and starvation.  This provocative, emotionally challenging exhibit allows the visitor to walk through the camp in its entirety, providing education and insight into the unimaginable atrocities endured by prisoners. 

Take the afternoon to explore the vast city of Berlin at your leisure.  Offering so many points of interest for lovers of history, architecture and culture, the city allows visitor to experience a myriad of activities and sites.

Tonight, your farewell dinner marks the end of your journey.  Enjoy a final night with your tour companions in this exciting city.

Day 10: Adieu

Begin your journey home, taking with you the memories and discoveries that you have made on your travels.

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