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Central Germany

The Bauhaus 101 and the Zwinger 301: Centuries of Architecture and Influence

The Bauhaus 101 and the Zwinger 301: Centuries of Architecture and Influence

Tour Suggestion

Celebration and discovery await you as you explore architecture and its powerful impact on our world. Delve into history as you discover three centuries of the ornate and venerated Dresden Zwinger. Explore the vast grounds and buildings of this architectural marvel, built by Augustus the Strong with the intent to impress guests and exhibit power. Celebrate the colourful, 300-year-strong history of this famous building, which now is a great centre of learning and education in beautiful Dresden. Travel forwards through time to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Bauhaus movement, the inspiration for modern architecture and style alike. Based on interdisciplinary teachings, which combined art, architecture and craftsmanship, Bauhaus created a comprehensive approach to building design and function. Retrace the steps of the Bauhaus movement on this interactive tour, which provides insightful views and information on architecture and culture. By combining two major anniversaries of cultural importance, this tour whisks you away on a journey of exploration and learning. Enlighten and indulge yourself in celebration of both the Bauhaus movement and the Dresden Zwinger, allowing history and culture to resonate within your own life.

Day 1: Arrival in Frankfurt or Berlin

Welcome to your journey of discovery and celebration of everything Bauhaus.  Your tour guide will meet you at the airport, where you will board your private coach for transfer to Weimar. 
Hotel check-in. Enjoy a welcome dinner with your tour companions.  Dine on delicious regional cuisine while toasting your upcoming adventures.
Overnight in the Erfurt/Weimar region.

Day 2: The Birthplace of Bauhaus

This morning, you will begin your exploration of Bauhaus in the city of Weimar.  A guided tour will introduce you to the great buildings and focal points throughout the city.   The illustrious Bauhaus University, originally founded in 1860, was developed into the modern Bauhaus-Universität Weimar by Walter Gropius in 1919.   The cutting-edge, holistic approach to Bauhaus design and creation is strongly reflected here at the University.  The University is home to architecturally stunning buildings, one of the most noted being the main building, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
View the strength of the Märzgefallenen-Denkmal (Monument to the March Dead), designed by Walter Gropius to honour the Weimer citizens who had been killed in 1920 as a result of the Kapp Putsch, the powerful governmental coup headed by Wolfgang Kapp.   Although the original monument was destroyed by the Nazi regime, the Märzgefallenen-Denkmal was victoriously rebuilt in 1946.   Walter Gropius designed this monument for interaction with its viewer, so walk around it, stand in the middle of it, and admire the lightening-like bolt which seems to rise out of the earth.
This afternoon, visit the newly built Bauhaus Museum, dedicated to the great accomplishments of Bauhaus over the last century.   Discover the myriad of Bauhaus artists who are featured in this amazing new space of creativity.  Celebrate the achievements of the Bauhaus movement and reflect upon the pure beauty of famous Bauhaus masterpieces.
A stop at the Haus am Horn, the first Bauhaus-designed construction ever built, will certainly fascinate visitors. This building, built for the Bauhaus exhibition of 1923, features furniture and fixtures which were both designed and created at the Bauhaus University. In 1996, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
This evening, enjoy dinner with your tour companions at the hotel.
Overnight in Erfurt/Weimar region.

Day 3: Bauhaus in Erfurt

You will start your adventure today with a Bauhaus-themed city tour of Erfurt.  Championed by industrialists and art supporters alike, Bauhaus found a welcome home in Erfurt in the 1920s.  View the sleek Bauhaus buildings of the city centre, with their stunningly simple but powerful façades.
This afternoon, delight in a visit to the Margaretha Reichardt Haus, which is a fascinating combination of Margaretha Reichardt's home and handweaving factory, and now considered a historical monument of importance.   Margaretha Reichardt, one of the most celebrated former students of the Bauhaus University Dessau, founded this factory in the 1930s.  Witness a fascinating demonstration in the artform of handweaving.  Featured products of the factory included tapestries, carpets and clothing textiles.
Spend the rest of the afternoon at your leisure in Erfurt.  Revel in your free time as you stroll through the Old Town of Erfurt, with its amazingly preserved Medieval buildings and Gothic architecture.  This visual comparison of old world Gothic versus new world Bauhaus is both striking and captivating.
Dinner at the hotel with your tour companions.
Overnight in Erfurt/Weimar region.

Day 4: The World of Bauhaus

On your way to Dresden, you will have the opportunity to continuing exploring Bauhaus and its impact on modern architecture.
This morning, admire the colossal  Feiningerturm Mellingen, built in 1999 commemorating the "Mellingen" , the watercolour painting created by Lyonel Feininger.  Feininger, one of the great Bauhaus artists, was appointed as the first faculty member of Bauhaus University by Walter Gropius and served as the Master Artist of the Printmaking Workshop.  Note the colours typical to Bauhaus used in the construction of this huge art installation.
Enjoy a visit to two Bauhaus-designed villas in the city of Jena.  View Walter Gropius' first private home design and build project, the Auerbach Villa.   Function and form were merged as one to create this unique geometrically designed dwelling.  The Zuckerkandl House is also a fine example of a Bauhaus residence.  Built in the late 1920s as a private home for Therese Zuckerkandl, the Zuckerkandl Villa was purpose designed to house several generations of the same family.   Note the sharp incline of the property and how the villa was created to work with, rather than against, the physical characteristics of the site.
The Abbeanum building at the Friedrich Schiller University exudes Bauhaus ideals and form. The reinforced concrete design gleams with rows of windows which cut across the facade of the building in dazzling stripes.  Built from 1929-1930, the Abbeanum was terribly marred by the bombs of World War 2.  The building has since been restored and refurbished over the years to the current excellent condition.
Afterwards, you will continue onwards to the glorious city of Dresden, famous for its dazzling architecture and wonderfully historic city centre. 
Hotel check-in and dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in Dresden. 

Day 5: Celebrate 300 years of the Dresden Zwinger

This morning, you will start your day with a private guided tour of the gorgeous Dresden Alstadt (Old Town), featuring the awe-inspiring Dresden Zwinger.   You will begin your tour with a stop at the stunning Frauenkirche, which is actually a reconstruction of the original Frauenkirche, sadly lost to the bombs of World War 2.   Be amazed at the colossal dome, one of the largest domes in Europe, and learn about the fascinating history of this historical building.   The dramatic interior of the Frauenkirche is gorgeous and is certain to impress.   A visit to the Furstenzug, the world's largest porcelain mural, is also a highlight.  Admire the intricacy of this unique masterpiece, which depicts centuries of royal leaders.
Continue onwards to the lavish Dresden Zwinger, where three centuries of architecture and history converge.  Inspired by the glorious Palace of Versailles, August the Strong yearned for his own palace which exemplified his power and glory.   The amazing Dresden Zwinger was built in the early 1700s, with truly splendid Baroque architecture, vast ornate gardens and sculptures, and dramatic fountains.    Celebrate the amazing history of this veritable paradise as you stroll through the gardens and buildings of this magnificent architectural wonder.
A visit to the Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister, one of the celebrated museums housed in the Dresden Zwinger, makes for a fascinating stop.  A short, guided tour will provide efficient orientation as you admire the hundreds of paintings on display.   Enjoy free time in the museum to explore the halls of masterpieces at your leisure.
This evening, dinner will be hosted a popular local restaurant.   Enjoy traditional, local cuisine while you revel in the excitement of your adventures.
Overnight in Dresden.

Day 6: Dramatic beauty of Dresden

This morning, enjoy a guided city tour of Dresden from the comfort of your own private coach.  Venture out to the Dresden Neustadt (New City), traversing the Augustusbrucke bridge across the peaceful, indigo-coloured Elbe River.   View the wonderful Baroque architecture of the Neustadt,  including the amazing Koenigstraße and Hauptstraße areas, which exude grandeur and elegance.
This afternoon, visit the lavish Opera House Semperoper, home to the both the Staatskapelle Dresden (Saxon State Orchestra) and the Semperoper Ballett.  Originally built in 1841, this grand building incorporates elements Baroque, Renaissance and Greek Classic Revival architectures.  The Opera House has hosted great historical premiers throughout the years, which began in 1842 with Robert Wagner's Rienzi.  Learn about the rich history of this splendid building, and imagine the lavish productions of days gone by.
Explore Dresden at your own leisure this afternoon.
Dinner will be hosted at a local restaurant.  Enjoy your last night here in wonderful Dresden with your tour companions.
Overnight in Dresden.

Day 6:  Bauhaus in Dessau

This morning, your adventures in Bauhaus discovery continue as you journey towards Dessau, a powerhouse of Bauhaus architecture and design.
Enjoy lunch with your tour companions at the gleaming Bauhaus Canteen or the peaceful Café-bistro, both offering a variety of choices to suit your tastes.
This afternoon, revel in a guided tour of the Bauhaus Building, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Designed by Walter Gropius, this sleek building was completed in 1926.  The dark windows of the building are a stunning contrast to the pristine white concrete exterior.   Be amazed at the architecture of the building while you discover the priceless creations and artefacts of the Bauhaus.   Your guide will provide you with fascinating information as you take in the surrounding world of Bauhaus.
Enjoy dinner at the hotel with your tour companions.
Overnight in Dessau. 

Day 7: Bauhaus Elegance in Dessau

This morning, enjoy a short, guided tour of the Bauhaus buildings of Dessau.   Journey through the city centre, viewing the many Bauhaus and Bauhaus inspired buildings of Dessau.   Walter Gropius'  Employment Office, the Consumption Building, and Hannes Meyer's  Laubenganghauser all offer insight into the world of Bauhaus.  The Federal Environment Agency, designed by Sauerbruch Hutton, offers a truly amazing structure to behold.  Colourful on the outside, and full of vibrant plant life in the huge indoor atrium, it continues to pleasantly surprise visitors and employees alike.
After your tour, you will have the opportunity to view the Masters' Houses.   A collection of several semi-detached houses and one detached house, this group of houses was built in a peaceful wooded area.   Note the use of the Bauhaus colours as accents in surprising locations.  Featuring outdoor living spaces such as balconies and terraces, the Masters' Houses inspire a connection between building and nature.
Tour the intriguing Dessau-Torten Housing Estate, the large-scale housing community designed by Walter Gropius in the 1920s.  The rows of attached houses were designed to provide a level of self-sufficiency to the residents.   Integral to this model of self-sufficiency was the inclusion of adequate private gardens for vegetable cultivation and animal keeping.   Affordability and cost efficiency were the key drivers in this major project.
Afterwards, you will transfer to Berlin to continue your exploration of Bauhaus.
Hotel check-in and dinner with your tour companions.
Overnight in Berlin.

Day 8:  Brilliant Bauhaus in Berlin

Begin your adventure in Berlin with a guided tour.   Learn about the impact of Bauhaus on Berlin while you explore this dynamic and exciting city.
This afternoon, discover the fascinating Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design while taking part in a guided tour. Be amazed at the striking exterior of the building, which almost appears to be futuristic and has been featured in science fiction films.   Originally designed by Walter Gropius, the blueprints for the building were adapted and modified numerous times to suit both political and financial interests.   Home to a variety of Bauhaus artefacts, the collections within will be certain to fascinate.
Dinner with your tour companions at a local restaurant.
Overnight in Berlin.

Day 9: The Beauty of Berlin

A guided tour of Berlin will provide you the opportunity to explore this city while you gain insightful and meaningful historical knowledge.
Visit the Kulturforum, which was once the heart of cultural development in West Berlin.   This collection of dynamic, modern buildings includes the impressive Neue Nationalgalerie (New National Gallery), the amazing Berliner Philharmonie, and the Gemaldegalerie (Picture Gallery), with many other noteworthy buildings.
The Potsdamer Platz, a huge project of redevelopment and renovation, is a centre of modern architecture of futuristic proportions.   The once powerful, dynamic centre of Berlin in the 1920s was frequently bombed and targeted during World War 2, reducing the area to ruins and wasteland.  It wasn't until the 1990s that interest in redevelopment peaked, which eventually led to the massive and amazing Potsdamer Platz known today.  The gleaming glass, the neon lights, shops, restaurants, and monuments have created a stunningly exciting centre for trade and tourism.
A visit to the Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall) makes for an interesting stop on your city tour.   The vibrant red façade of the Red City Hall is quite a sight and was originally built in the Rennaissance Revival style in the 1860s.  After sustaining heavy damage from the bombs of World War 2, the Red City Hall was restored to its original glory.
The powerful Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe, which provokes deep thought and reflection, provides a stark reminder of the atrocities committed by Third Reich.   Take time to stop at the Ort der Information (Place of Information) to view the names of the 3 million Jewish Holocaust victims.   Reflect on the horrors of the Nazi Regime while taking part in a moment of silent respect for the men, women and children who were murdered.
This afternoon, choose how you will spend your time in this young and amazing city.
Farewell dinner with your tour companions.   Enjoy the comradery and merriment of your last night on tour while dining on delicious local cuisine in beautiful Berlin.

Day 10: Departure

Begin your journey home or spend an additional day in the exciting city of Berlin. 

Copyright program and pictures for the above groupt tour to Germany: © APPINA TRAVEL GmbH

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  • 1 × Guided visit of Bauhaus-Museum in Weimar
  • 1 × Visit of Haus am Horn
  • 1 × Guided city tour Erfurt with topic Bauhaus
  • 1 × Visit of Margaretha-Reichardt-Haus
  • 1 × Guided visit of Jena with Zuckerkandl House and Abbeanum
  • 1 × Guided walking city tour of Dresden Altstadt with focus on Dresden Zwinger
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  • 1 × Guided tour of Masters Houses
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  • 1 × Guided city tour Berlin with topic history
  • 1 × Guided visit of Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design
  • 1 × Guided city tour Berlin with topic architecture

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